Seeking Savitri

Something like 18 years ago I studied for a short time with a Sufi master whom I’d known for a few years. The invitation-only class included a private session with him. During our session he stared over my shoulder at one point and told me that he always saw the figure of the goddess Savitri standing right behind my shoulder and wanted to know if I was aware of her presence.

I’d completed the Fischer-Hoffman work at that time and I’d been doing yoga and getting body work for years so I’d opened a lot, but a lot of my muscles were still twisted like rods and a certain amount of numbness still prevailed, so no, Savitri hung around beyond my consciousness. It took a lot of research to learn about Savitri–and there’s a lot of contradictory material—who is an aspect or manifestation of Saraswati (Goddess of learning and the arts) that is the hymn to the sun. I thought that sounded lovely but I still didn’t feel her presence.

The Sufi teacher gave me a chant to do that involved bringing sun energy and golden light into my heart and moving it into second chakra to infuse the power there with heart and light and then to bring the infused power and red energy up to the heart to support it in opening. He told me to visualize Savitri enfolding me and assisting, sending light from her heart to mine. Some time later while taking a course on Huichol art and philosophy I made the above string painting depicting (as best my limited art skills could) a version of the chant and the vision. I chanted and envisioned and it brought me a sense of being closer to her but I still could not feel her presence.  Over the years I tuned in and maintained an awareness that she walked with me even though I could not feel her.

Years later when more of my body had opened, Savitri began to appear in a couple of different meditations I like to do in which you call upon guides or a council to advise you. In the last few years with my muscles opening more and more I started to experience her presence more often and in the recent round of opening I have felt her join me in the circle during meditation.

For me the twisted mass of muscles and intertwined patterns in my muscles served as body armor. I thought for a long time that the main point of the body armor was protection from other people. While the armor served that function as well, I can see now that the armor also served to keep me from a lot of spiritual experience. I wrote a while ago about shutting down my ability to receive information through my third eye and the pattern of muscle twisting in my face served to reinforce that block.

Again, I know that the issues in my muscles have been worse than most people experience, but I can’t help but think that a certain amount of tension and tightness serves to block energy and/or awareness of other dimensions for a lot of people, whether it’s a total block or just an impediment to receiving all the information. Another reason it’s a good idea to take care of the health of your muscles.


4 thoughts on “Seeking Savitri

    • I think they hang around a lot of people. Funny, when he first told me it was just unnerving for me that some “one” was hanging around me all the time that I couldn’t see or feel…

  1. I like your comment about the things armor can protect you from. With me there was/is a parallel budding realization about control. I’ve been chided about it in journeys on more than one occasion.


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