Healing Journey Monday: Your Own Experience

For the last couple of months the muscles unwinding in my head have been twisting and yanking and letting go at an amazing pace. They’re moving so much that I don’t get very many hours a day when they’re NOT yanking and pulling and that includes that their favorite time to go crazy is midnight to 7 am or so. So I have lots of time to hang around thinking about this process and how it’s gone for the many years from the small twitches that started 10 years ago to where it is now.

I’m told that it’s not unusual for muscles to unwind on their own after some kind of bodywork or exercise creates an opening but it’s pretty unusual to have an experience as long-lasting and far-reaching as mine. Along the way a few practitioners I saw made it clear that they didn’t believe me when I said it was happening—one even tried to treat me for some sort of palsy—and most people to whom I tried to explain it went blank or looked skeptical.  It’s meant I’ve been living in a world in which I’m having an intense ongoing experience and until my current practitioners there’s been no one who’s understood it at all.

Since I could feel what was happening and follow the long slow process from the outer muscles just under my skin to where it is now, deep into my jaw and upper palate and behind my eyes and mainly all behind the bones, I never wavered in my insistence that my muscles were unwinding. In the last couple of years the people working on me have really been feeling the improvements and every appointment  moves things along faster. I’m also pretty stubborn about knowing what I know about my own body and I’m not inclined to be intimidated by some practitioner who’s sure I’m wrong just because I’m presenting something they’ve not seen.

But I wonder how many times people go to a doctor or alternative healer and try to describe what’s going on only to be met by denial or disbelief. And how many of those people let go of their own experience because someone they accept as an authority has contradicted them. Now sure there are things a doctor might be able to tell me because of a test that I have no idea about. But there are also things I can feel and experience and describe.  Believe me the shift from having every single muscle in my face, head and neck wound up like wires with criss-crossing patterns to most of the muscles being relaxed to losing the sensation of my head in a vice grip means I’m quite sure the muscles have been unwinding.

A very important piece of being healthy is knowing your own body. And sometimes standing up for what you know even when a doctor or practitioner tries to tell you you’re wrong is crucial. It makes a difference to the kind of treatment or, in some cases, whether you get any treatment. So if have something very exact that you’re feeling be willing to insist that you know what you know.

4 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Your Own Experience

  1. Great post and I definitely agree that we need to trust our own feelings and experiences when it comes to our bodies – this is a lesson I have also learned the long way, but one I will never forget. There are many experts in health, but we live in our bodies and know them even more intimately, so it is important to trust what we know and feel.

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