Healing Journey ???: Jaw connections



Muscles of the head, face, and neck.

Muscles of the head, face, and neck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


First, the title—not exactly Monday… Next, a big thanks to Nan Thompson of Writings of a Pagan Witch for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She knows that I’m not doing the award posts any more but I want to make sure you know about her blog. She wanted to give the award because she appreciated my “It’s Not Easy Being Purple” post. Not only did that post mean a lot to me, but the main reason to write is the hope that someone will be touched in some way so I feel doubly rewarded. Thanks Nan!


As I mentioned in the last post, I’m heading down the final stretch on the muscles unwinding in my head. Most of the toughest, most stuck piece is related to my jaw. According to a holistic dentist and several cranio-sacral therapists, my jaw never grew to full expansion.


The main evidence was the big bony hump that covered most of my upper palate. Since I had no comparable intimacy with anyone else’s upper palate I, of course, always assumed that the hump was normal. Lots of muscles hook into the upper palate, so the squeezed in bones pulled and twisted muscles all around my jaw—creating TMD issues—and connected with muscles around my eyes, into my neck, up into my temples, etc.


I mention all this because TMD and tight necks have become so common. It’s not so common for anyone to pay attention to the state of your jaw. If a dentist even notes it (the holistic fellow was approximately the 8th of my lifetime plus a couple of oral surgeons and no one else ever mentioned it) he’ll tell you that the only remedy is surgery. Cranio-sacral therapy can resolve it without the cutting or the long recuperation but it takes a very long time.


The hump in my mouth as of today is about 25% the size it used to be. The TMJ is much better. The muscles behind my eyes have loosened enough that my distance vision has improved immensely. I don’t have any memory of having a relaxed head. But at this point every now and then—when the yanking and unwinding quiets down—I can feel a glimmer of what I think it will be like to feel relaxed and free in my face and neck all the time. Can’t wait!


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4 thoughts on “Healing Journey ???: Jaw connections

  1. Think I will suggest to hubby, who’s had a very sore jaw for a while now, that he save up a bit of £ and go see the osteopath (who is also a cranio-sacral therapist). Hadn’t thought about discussing jaw issues with her, but it makes sense.

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