Sometimes my practice–which is sporadic at best–needs a new kick, so I signed up for the 21 days to see if Deepak teaches me anything new or gives me a new understanding…

Inspiration Import

Self-medicating often leads to hospitalizations for injuries, decease, mental illness – the list is endless – the profits are enormous and the victims are the victims time and time again. It is time to bring Old Fashioned BACK ! Deepak Chopra is offering a 21 – day free Meditation Challenge citing that it takes 3 weeks to gain a habit (I thought it was 3 weeks to break a habit 😉 but I will go along this one time.

Either way it works for me. Here is the Link to sign-up. It started July 16th but it is not too late to sign now I think. I am sign-up so can’t test it. Sorry ’bout that.

THE LINK – To The CHOPRA Centre 21-day Meditation Challenge 

Best of Luck and Success with the Challenge, Lesley – Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in. 

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  1. Hi – thanks for re-blogging here. I am looking forward to new understandings as well. Yesterday taught me something about myself for sure. Now I am off to take in today’s message.
    Wishing you success with keeping to it long term. It is almost as though we need a little bell to tell us – time to Meditate! Ding…

    • I’ve spread the word about this opportunity with Deepak as much as I could. Of course I’ve already missed day two of meditating… Sounds like you’re doing better.

    • I’ve missed two now. Although I’m also trying to keep up with another meditation/chant practice. I’m a little disappointed in this so far — I thought with the different topics there would be different, probably guided, meditations. But I always appreciate the serenity after meditation.

    • Okay, I finally got to six. I like that one better–it was more what I thought the others would be. I have to say so far the main boost this has given me is that I’ve been determined to do some kind of meditation practice every day. But at least every other day I find that I want to do one of my tried and true practices instead of this… Are you still finding the emotional side hard?

      • I have a handle on it. Cutting the string was my worst nightmare. Yesterday, I was in neverland, without focus and finished it up 2 minutes early. If there is one thing I have learned it is to forgive my own humaness.
        Off to day nine – wishing you continued boosts.

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