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I   have enjoyed playing Tag with the Universe quite a bit in the past few years but it has taken some getting used to; especially the rules! Anyone who tunes into the Universe on a regular basis knows what I am talking about as it is not an exact science but rather a multi-layered, complex series of events, emotions and self-realisation. An intricate game of adult Tag is the best way I can describe it sometimes. Books like “The Secret” tries to simplify the process making it seem as if there is a set formula but I am here to say there is not. Working with the Universe requires great care and an ability to listen carefully to say the very least.

The biggest rule I needed to learn is that there are no TAG-BACKS. Go figure!

  • When I first picked up a paint brush the UNIVERSE guided my…

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    • Oh, I’m always so happy to pass along good posts — and hopefully send some new traffic to a good blog. I’ve also pinned you on one of my Pinterest boards with web site info so I hope I’m stirring up some new visitors. Thanks so much for the Deepak Chopra info!

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