I’m mainly reblogging for the arrow in your heart quote which is so on but it’s all good.

Artist of the Everyday

The most difficult times for many
many of us are the ones we give ourselves.

Rejoicing in ordinary things is not
sentimental or trite.  It actually takes
guts.  Each time we drop our complaints
and allow every day good fortune to inspire
us, we enter the warrior’s world.

The more we witness our emotional
reactions and understand how they
work, the easier it is to refrain.

If someone comes along and shoots an
arrow into your heart, it’s fruitless to
stand and yell at the person.  It would
be much better to turn your attention
to the fact that there’s
an arrow in your heart.

This morning I needed some words of wisdom to ground me before heading into what will be an emotional day, a day that has the potential  to be stressful.  My 91-year-old mother is moving into an assisted living facility, and although it is a wonderful…

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