Healing Journey Monday: Miracle Leg and Letting Go

English: Legs muscles

English: Legs muscles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was born the tibia on my left leg was severely twisted. By the time I reached adulthood I didn’t give it a lot of thought nor did I realize how much damage my muscles sustained from walking around all those years with my leg muscles pulled that far out of whack and my knee being pulled in two directions. A car accident at 25 banged that leg so badly the twist became more severe and the ensuing pain issues kept me aware of my ankle, knee and hip all the time.

My therapist, who introduced me to the “you create your own reality” idea, taught a class using Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization. One of our assignments was to make a treasure map, which was kind of like a vision board except you put the pictures in a notebook organized by different topics or ideas you wanted to visualize and in which you could also write about your vision. I still accepted the twisted leg as a given but for some reason when I saw a picture of a woman with really straight strong legs—while I hunted for pics to put in my map—I believed that my leg could be healed and the pain eliminated and devoted a page to the vision of my left leg being straight.

After I made the map I didn’t think too much about my leg aside from the pain and I didn’t have a big attachment to whether it did or didn’t straighten. Eight or nine months later I went to a workshop on channeling—learning to channel healing energy, your own higher consciousness, entities, etc. A fellow at the workshop had started spontaneously both seeing medical issues inside people and being able to channel an energy that healed and was there to learn more.

A few days into the workshop he looked at my leg and at me and told me he thought he could heal it. From that point on he worked on my leg during lectures and some breaks. As he worked several days later my leg suddenly flew up, twisted and made a giant popping noise. When I stood up my tibia had moved and my leg was straighter. The bone wound up moving farther into place the next year and the muscle and energy patterns took years to sort out (some ongoing problems may still be traced to the twist). But that day for me was the day of the miracle.

I’ve always felt the treasure map—and the faith I had when I added that picture—started the process that led to the healing. I also think the fact that I added the picture, believed and then LET GO played a big role. It’s been one of the toughest areas for me to understand and succeed with. In several recent posts (see below) I talked about holding a vision until you completely believe in it, which can seem contradictory to the idea of letting go.

In this case I had a moment of great belief, set the vision and, because I didn’t have an attachment to the outcome, I was able to let go. Often it takes me a long time to reach the place of great belief and often I am so attached to the outcome I can’t seem to stop worrying at it, looking at it again, etc. The trick is knowing when you have reached the depth of belief that signals you totally believe and it’s time to let go. Much easier for things to which you don’t have a great attachment.

Visualizing can, of course, apply to anything but I like this particular story to illustrate that amazing healing is possible and you can accomplish healing that science would say can’t happen. Believe and then let go.

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10 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Miracle Leg and Letting Go

  1. amazing & wonderful post! i am so thankful that you found healing & peace. i love reading about this method of visualization. i think i have done this, in one way or another, my whole life in a very unorganized way. but, now i’m feeling inspired to do a book or a blog series on visualizing my dreams, representing them by pictures and words of reflection. thank you so much for sharing! i celebrate your belief and your willingness to let go with you!

  2. Great post! What a great story of healing! I made a map many years ago and forgot about it. As I cleaned out things to prepare for a move, I was amazed that so much of the map had manifested. I think you are so right about the need to be unattached to the outcome. The attachment so often is the resistance that prevents our desire from manifesting, but it isn’t easy sometimes to let go. I really enjoy the depth with which you write.

  3. You have such an inspiring story of healing, and the way you connect all the pieces together is so wise. I still need to think about areas in my life where my belief is not strong enough and where I need to let go. I’m glad you’ve been posting about this!

    • Thanks — I’ve been having fun realizing how much more I understand now than I did way back when this happened and then how to write it in short posts… Glad they’re coming off okay.

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