Commentator Award

Sky Blaine, of The Heart of the Matter, nominated me a while back for the Commentator award and I’ve been very slow to respond with this post.  The award is for commenting (usually a lot) and being noticed by the blogger. First of all, a thank you to Skye and my great recommendation is that you check out her blog—she writes from the Non-dual perspective and in a personal way and it’s always good.

This award didn’t seem to have a specific number of blogs that you’re supposed to pass it on to nor a set of rules so I have chosen the blogs below because according to my stats they have commented the most. I’m going to give myself the usual rule of letting the bloggers know they’ve been nominated and suggest you do the same and as you can see above also applied the usual rule of thanking the one who nominated me [Deborah K. if you had a blog you’d be on this list too!] I can’t tell all of you how much I have appreciated your thoughtful responses and how nice it has been to get to know you better through them. THANK YOU!

  1. Karen Wan, Writing Your Destiny
  2. Carol Staton, Free For All
  3. G.A. Rosenberg, Waking Spirals
  4. N.R. Hatch, Spirit Lights the Way
  5. Let’s Cut the Crap
  6. Dimitie Kendall
  7. Hand in Hand with Spirit

For everyone else, these are some really good blogs so if you haven’t seen them, go take a look!

3 thoughts on “Commentator Award

  1. Thank you for this, by the criteria of commenting on my blog, I’d have to give you this award too. Thanks for all of our web conversations and this award! And congratulations on yet another award for you! 🙂

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