Exploring the process of visioning

Daydream Believer by Josephine Wall

Note: I’m using Josephine Wall again, and again the link is to the main page as her permission for non-commercial sites to use her work contains a request not to link to individual pictures. This picture is in the Goddesses section of the Art Gallery.

Karen Wan, of Writing Your Destiny, made a thoughtful comment on my post on Monday about visualizing and as I thought about how to answer I decided it needed its own post. Trying to keep the posts short means sometimes a topic just has to be covered in more than one post….

Karen mentioned that she thinks dreams often have to start with hope, which I think is so true. To bring a dream into being ultimately takes belief, but sometimes you just have to be willing to hope to get it started. In one of my favorite parts of The Secret one of the teachers mentioned that you have to start by affirming and that you may not really believe what you’re affirming at first, but as you keep the positive thought in mind, belief grows.

I’ve found that sometimes I have to keep affirming and holding a vision for a very long time before I feel that shift where I know it’s true to my core. I have to check in with myself really deeply to sense where doubts lie or old issues still dictate a different belief. For instance, prosperity for me has messages that go back generations on both sides of my family—rich and poor alike had major issues and insecurities about getting and/or keeping money and whether it’s okay to have much at all, with lots of nuances and side issues—and I seem to have taken on all of them. Every time I think I’ve finally let it all go I turn and face another nuance.

Which leads me to the other part of Karen’s comment I want to address, which is that dreams may take a long time—the bigger the dream, the longer it might take. I think there are two parts to that, one being the Universe doing its work outside of time and the other is that sometimes you have to clear away a lot of stuff. If the time factor gets you down so that you quit affirming or quit believing, then any progress that had started working out of sight to grow your dream may be lost. For me, getting past illness has been one of several long pieces of the road to my dreams (another post sometime soon).

Really there are two levels of belief with which I’ve worked. First I have to have enough belief that the law of attraction works to sustain me while I get to the second level where I totally believe in a specific dream. These are some of the things I’ve found to be true for me. Might just be my reality…

This post is for Jenny Matlock’s AlphabeThursday, which is E.

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19 thoughts on “Exploring the process of visioning

  1. Excellent E post. Thanks for sharing. Working towards a positive goal or idea is time well spent. Too often, we give too much time and energy to worrying about ‘what if’. This visioning is sort of a ‘what will’!

  2. I agree with VBR. I spend too much energy worrying about all the “what if”s that could/might happen. Thanks for this, it will help me focus on more positive goals.
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate this post very much and not just because you included me in it! 🙂 Visioning is so important and it’s not a one time thing, it’s continuous and you articulated that so well! And It also happens to be a reminder that I needed!

  4. I think many people have this unconscious belief that rich=evil, poor=good. It took a few decades until I realized that no…not really. Sometimes poor people can be very, very evil too.

    • I would add that rich people can be good. In fact I think that belief is a necessary component of attracting prosperity — how could I truly want it if I believe it will make me bad?

  5. I have visualized my self in new cars and a year later I was in that very same car. I think you can achieve great things with your own mind.~Ames

  6. so true, great reminders and information. Appreciating the experience you are sharing with us. My partner and I are practicing a similar process and I can relate totally with the practice of changing old beliefs to new ones in order to manifest a worthwhile dream. So grateful ~ jason

    • Thanks so much — yes I’m really glad to have stumbled upon Josephine Wall and that she has so kindly put permission on her site for using her pics for non-commercial use. I’m sure I’ll put up something of hers again.

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