Healing Journey Monday: Believing the vision of wellness

Caught by a Sunbeam by Josephine Wall

Note: In her permission statement about using photos of her paintings, Josephine Wall asks that you not link to the picture directly so the link I’ve put in just goes to her site –look in the art gallery and click on fairies to find this picture.

Around six years ago while hanging out with a friend who’s the exemplar of positive thinking, I realized that somehow in the long healing journey I’d been on for 20+ years, I never just decided to be well. I worked at getting well, went to practitioners to be well, hoped to get well, assumed I would at some point get well, but I never saw myself as already well.

It was a big turning point for me. Not some magical story where as soon as I decided it all illness disappeared and left me 100%, but a turning point at which I took more charge and started to think of myself as healthy. I took a good look at the care and advice I’d been given and what I knew about building and balancing energy and created my own program for healing. In that amazing way that things begin synchronously falling into place when you focus, Kreig Cremeans and his student Hanna Lee crossed my path and began to give me Bodypatterning treatments. I designed my movement work to supplement the treatments and then found myself teaching it.  I have more energy and am able to get out in the world again for the first time in years.

I’m aware on one level that I’m still on the road to full recovery but at the same time, I think of myself as healthy, as having beat chronic fatigue. I’ve made more progress in these years since I changed my thinking than all the previous years of the healing journey.

Once I saw the subtle difference between the hopeful nature of my thoughts in the early years and the determined and positive nature of my attitude in recent years, I could see that difference between hope and belief in operation in other areas of my life. And I could see that for many it’s that subtle difference that separates those who attract what they want and those who don’t.

Affirmations and visualizations are empty practices unless they’re backed up by belief and faith and matching energy. I can see that a lot of my affirming and visualizing have been accompanied by doubt and disbelief and, in many cases, underlying beliefs that sabotaged success.

Whether it’s health or career success or wealth or finding your perfect apartment, do you believe in your dream? That you deserve it? That it’s possible to have it, be it, find it? Is your energy aligned with your dream?

12 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Believing the vision of wellness

  1. I agree with you and have noticed that same distinction between hope and belief in my life. It seems that sometimes I need to hope first to move into belief.
    I’ve also found that when I can move into belief whatever my dream is gets set in motion. If it’s a big dream, it’s usually not immediate, though sometimes it can be. I haven’t had much success in putting deadlines on dreams, they seem to have their own timing.
    The energy of belief helps me focus on the here and now rather than looking to the future. The timing on your post is perfect. I was just looking at my life last night and looking at the areas where my beliefs clearly must be different than what I hope for, and so I’m working on those beliefs now. Your post feels like a confirmation that I need to strengthen my beliefs. 🙂

  2. I’m giving your post much thought. I have a dream, that I’ve actually maintained as a dream. I haven’t really made it real, or believed that it is. I think I have some changes to make, to take myself seriously, to see that dream as a reality.

  3. I so LOVE the way our Oneness as human beings is recognized in so many different ways! In fact, I thought I had commented on this post; but then realized I must have just been thinking about it! 🙂

    I align with this vision and understanding that you have shared about health, affirmations and “hopeful thoughts”! I had an experience last month and your post brought so much more clarity to me regarding that experience; and I thank you for this!

    I too have had challenges with chronic fatigue and a few other health issues. So while I was visiting my brother in Texas, I took his advice to see an oriental medicine specialist.
    During the visit, the doctor asked me what activities I was unable to do when the health challenges flared. Then…he asked me to tell him if I felt that I was “mildly sick”, “moderately sick” or “severely sick”. :-O

    I looked at him for the longest time and finally said; “You know, I don’t know how to answer that question, because I do not look at myself as !” But he persisted with his question and said; “Well, you said that you sometimes are unable to work, or do things around the house or do fun things with your friends….so I would think that would make answering this question easy.”

    Something arose within me. I later described it as a feeling of “Boldly, Standing in My Power” – and (in essence) I said to him: “You know, it is not in my belief system to affirm that I am anything but whole and healthy! I may not always EXPRESS as this, but I know that it is my true nature. . . and the reason I am here today, is because I am willing to open yet, another door toward expressing as healthy and whole. So NO, Dr. Lee…I will not answer this question because I do not believe that I am sick!”

    The most powerful gift that I received from that visit was that I BELIEVED (perhaps for the first time) what I had hoped to be true for many years! And I now feel the difference in my physical, mental and spiritual BEing!

    I believe that when I came to this point of understanding and knowing, that it was/is a huge leap forward toward FEELING exactly what I claim!

    So thank you for allowing that truth to continue to be expressed through me, and for bringing that experience to the forefront of my mind today…allowing me to take that truth a level deeper!

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