For me, it’s all just energy

Tonight as I practiced kundalini yoga and felt the giant energy boost from all that breath of fire, I realized that in all this pondering of philosophy I haven’t really remembered that the main thing I’ve believed in for a long time is energy. I’ve written a couple of other posts about energy so I don’t want to repeat the same things here (see:  The Energy of It All and Working with Energy ).

The theory I’ve been operating under for some time is that if everything is energy and I am energy then maybe the way to health is to work on energy. And it’s been working. As I mentioned in my post on working with energy, I’ve been practicing the Eight Key Breaths, the Five Tibetan Rites and Flying Crane Chi Gung for about five years now in order to balance my endocrine system, balance my energy, build my energy and restore my health. More recently I’ve added kundalini yoga practice, focusing mainly on sets that give a boost to glands and organs.

From the extremely low energy place where I started (one of my friends quipped that I was a “chi free zone” after acupuncturists shook their heads over how little chi I had) it’s been a slow build but in 20 some years of journeying toward health these practices have taken me most of the way.

I particularly like the impact I feel on the nadis. The nadis are a system of energy channels that roughly correspond to the nervous system. When your muscles are twisted up and tight the nadis are blocked so that energy can’t flow freely. When I do these energy building practices I can feel the energy get stronger and stronger in my system and start bumping up against the remaining knots in my muscles. The process of opening the muscles has really sped up since I started working on the energy – helped along by Cremean’s Bodypatterning and the triggers of release work that I designed as well as 26 years of yoga.

Beyond the health benefits, since thoughts are energy and visions are energy and your vibrational level is energy, when you build and balance your energy it changes everything. When you say affirmations and change your mind or sing kirtan and find yourself calm or meditate and become peaceful you are changing energy. When you change the energy you change everything.

6 thoughts on “For me, it’s all just energy

  1. Great post! The results of your energy work are amazing and inspirational!

    I was just thinking of what quantum leap I want to make this summer, and was coming up short with any ideas for myself. Your post was perfect in helping me to see that what I most want (and need) to do is shift my energy to bring myself more health. Thanks for the reminder of what really transforms us!

    • Thank you. I’m always so glad when synchronicity leads to a post being the right thing for someone. I bet if you shift your energy you’ll change more than your health.

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