Beliefs: Unconscious and Conscious

When people talk about the law of attraction or say that you create your own reality, they’re really talking about an energy space—the vibrational level and pattern of energy—but most of the discussion among modern teachers is about thoughts or beliefs and how they impact your reality or what you attract. I think it’s more about the energy, which I’ve covered in another post, but I also think it’s important to know that what you believe unconsciously is often more in control than what you consciously believe.

A lot of people struggle with the idea of choosing a given reality when it’s something like a child with a terminal disease or a tornado destroying a house because they assume it’s conscious thought that creates reality. It can, if you become very adept at focusing on and holding a thought or vision, but a lot of reality is created either by higher consciousness at a level beyond our ordinary understanding or, more often, created by the beliefs and emotions from early childhood that ego holds outside ordinary awareness and uses to rule the show.

In the Hawaiian Huna system, we have three levels of consciousness which kahuna Serge King calls ku, lono, and kane (kah nay) [there are longer Hawaiian words—ku is unihipili—but I like his short, easy names]. Ku is the subconscious, which operates a lot like ego in the psychological structure but contains some other elements. Lono is the conscious mind and should control ku but often the unconscious has taken over running the show so lono needs to become mindful enough to reassert its role. Kane is the higher self or consciousness. Ideally practice leads to the three levels being restored to unity so they all operate together and lono is equally aware of ku and kane.

The hang up place for many on the journey is the unconscious. Exploration of what lies beneath generally involves looking at your dark, hidden places, buried memories you’d prefer to leave interred, etc. I came to the shadow dance reluctantly and slowly but after the Fischer Hoffman work led me to delve and even wallow in the deep dark places I came to embrace the work. I think it’s the dance of freedom.

This post if for ABC Wednesay, which is “U” and for AlphabeThursday, which is “C”.

22 thoughts on “Beliefs: Unconscious and Conscious

  1. Your photo would fit with Freud’s iceberg theory (conscious is above water, and unconscious below).
    You probably read Jung.? In my opinion, he actually, he fit smore with the intergenerational view of today than Freud’s closed system.

    • I’ve actually read very little of either — just read some theory of the place of ego, mostly in relation to concepts like “ku” or the “inner child”. I was kind of surprised that a search on Photobucket for a picture about “subconscious” turned anything up…

  2. yes, often we don’t realise how much our unconscous steers our decisions, when we consciously make choices. a great self-discovery delving into the darkness !! nice piece and thank you for sharing xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. The power of the unconscious explains why things like doing affirmations don’t always work without inner work in combo.

  4. There was this workshop by Eric Law about racism, and he used the iceberg to describe what we know about someone else (above the surface) and what we don’t (below the water line.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Interesting. I agree with part of what you said. However, I don’t think we necessarily choose our circumstances, but we certainly choose how we deal with them

  6. That picture is amazing.

    I really found this post to be quite fascinating. This is something I believe in…what you put into the universe is what comes back to you…

    I try to have good karma all the time…sometimes I’m cranky, though.

    Sad, but true.

    Thanks for another thoughtful link.


    • Photobucket has been serving me very well for finding photos that seem to match my posts (occasionally I do put up pictures I took). I think most of us are cranky sometimes — maybe not the Rinpoches… Thanks for the nice comments.

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