Healing Journey Monday: Practices for flow create many levels of healing

Last week I wrote about some movement practices that are good for balance and fluidity of movement: yoga, The Five Tibetan Rites, Flying Crane Chi Gung, tai chi. What I love about those practices is that they do so much more, physically, mentally and spiritually.

According to yoga philosophy a system of channels called nadis runs throughout our bodies. It corresponds roughly with the nervous system and it is these channels that carry prana (or chi, vital force energy) through the body. When muscles are tight or knotted up the nadis are blocked and prana can’t flow. That vital force energy is key to good health as it flows through. When you do practices that stretch the muscles or open the joints you help to open the nadis. When you do practices that build chi you help to keep that vital force strong and flowing through the channels.

When chi is balanced and flowing well it also has a big affect on your mental and emotional state. It’s hard for me to describe but when I’ve practiced yoga or chi gung or pranayama or the Tibetan Rites I’m calm and clear. If I start the practice with any sadness or anxiety or anger it is dissipated when I finish. I’m careful not to use practices to enable denial but you can use them to help maintain balance of mind and emotion.

Connection with the divine requires the free flow of prana through the nadis and the more prana you have the better. These practices do the balancing and building that you need. It’s one of the things I love about the ancient practices and especially the movement practices is the brilliant way in which they heal on every level. Whatever practice(s) you choose to help you with keeping good physical balance and fluidity, you will help yourself so much beyond those benefits.

2 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Practices for flow create many levels of healing

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