Quiet moments in my favorite Yard

I’ve been told a number of times in the last few years that I need to spend more time outside. Since living in the great California climate I’m a big baby about what kind of weather I’ll go out in (and I’ve never been your camping, hiking, outdoor sports type). In Kentucky about 98% of the time it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy, too muggy, too snowy… Recently when a practitioner told me that I should just go out and lie in the grass the temperature was hovering in the 50’s and it was raining a lot, so I just thought, “Yeah, that’s gonna happen.” And it didn’t.

Here in beautiful Marin the weather has been warmer than normal almost every day. So I’ve grabbed a blanket and stretched out on the lawn several times. The first day I literally felt my body sucking in energy from the earth for about 20 solid minutes. Somehow, in spite of the advice, I hadn’t taken it in that I actually NEEDED to take in some earth energy as part of the outdoor Rx.

I haven’t been as aware of drawing energy in the succeeding times but dozing and reading and listening and looking have all felt better for doing them outside.

As you can see, the setting is lovely. You can’t hear the accompanying trilling birds nor feel the softness of the breeze, but you can see that it’s tranquil. I’ve had the good fortune to be out at times when cars down to the dead end here were rare and no one was mowing or hammering anything (not always easy to do around here). Just quiet. Communing with nature. In my favorite yard…

I discovered that outdoor time isn’t just a nice pastime but something I need on many levels.  Ask me if I”m gonna grab a blanket and loll in the grass in Kentucky when it’s 50 or 95 or muggy or the grass is wet…  I don’t think so!

Again on the lazy track, this piece is doubling for ABC Wednesday (Q) and AlphabeThursday (Y). 

24 thoughts on “Quiet moments in my favorite Yard

  1. Can’t say I sit out on the yard much in Illinois either, though I do like gardening. You’re reminding me of all the times that I have received energy from the earth. Something I’ll have to find a way to do much more often! Glad to hear you’re having such a wonderful time in California!

    • Oh yes, Chicago has a lot of not great outside weather — though when I was young and at NU I was out in all of it without much of a thought — nobody had air conditioning so the hot didn’t seem so bad… Those 85 below with wind chill days of walking the length of the campus brrrr!

  2. I don’t know where Marin is, but there are so many great places in California that are gorgeous if you want guiet, or fun if you like activity, or many hills/mountains when you like to climb! Now would be the time, before it might get hot:): Have a happy Sunday!

    • Yes, CA is full of beauty. Marin is the county just north of San Francisco. I’m actually in the town of Corte Madera but really all of Marin is stunning. Happy Sunday to you too!

  3. Very nice post!
    It’s a lovely place to spend time outdoors!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice weekend****

  4. It IS amazing what a little outdoor therapy can do. I do need to spend more time outside, but I hear ya on the weather issue. I’m a little bit North of you in Cincinnati, so we have similar weather.

    • Each day as I drink in the energy I realize that I need to sidestep the weather phobia. In summer I do get out a bit more to garden (usually right before sunset when it’s cooler and most of the yard is in shade… You’re so close to us you sure know the ups and downs of the weather…

  5. Yes! Nature nurtures. I’m about to head out for a walk to clear the fuzzies from my befuddled head.

    Glad that you are soaking up the Earth’s energy. Maybe you can find a way to do the same in Kentucky.

    • Me too. Haven’t figured out how to sidestep being a baby about the weather… But I have gardening to do when I get back so that will get me out with my hands in the dirt.

  6. I used to go to a little French healer that always told me to go lay in the grass. She said it would be good if I could do it naked…and



    I never could bring myself to do that.

    Maybe that’s why I never got better!

    Thanks for a fun link to the letter “Y”.

    This brought back some funny memories for me.


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