Healing Journey Monday: gratitude

Yard here—where it meets the park

As I took my walk this evening, I was, as always enchanted. The vistas as I wander up and down the hills are breathtaking. I especially love the plants and trees, the softness of the air, and, this time of year the way jasmine and other luscious scents of spring mix with the ever present scent of eucalyptus. I fill with gratitude every time I’m here, every time I walk around the yard or the neighborhood – even when I lived here I held a space of awed thankfulness that I got to stay in this place. So I started mulling the times when gratitude is harder. It occurred to me that I haven’t so far talked about the part of my journey that encompasses gratitude for being ill.

In keeping with my lazy vacationer status, I seem to be able only to create a list, not to elaborate. So here are some of the reasons I’m grateful for the long years of illness:

  1. I don’t think I’d have stayed on this path nor gone so deeply had it not been for the illness.
  2. I would have continued to be numb to my body. Instead I have an increasingly finely tuned sense of my physical being.
  3. The long slow process of healing gave me a lot of understanding about limitations and pain and long-term illness and that helps me to be a more compassionate and better teacher.
  4. I invented a movement process in order to heal my own muscles and now I’m helping other people find ease and freedom from pain and stiffness.
  5. I learned how to fight for myself; when doctors and practitioners didn’t have answers I found my own and that has made me stronger.
  6. I learned how to slow down and appreciate the small things; I don’t need excitement and fireworks to make me feel alive.
  7. I learned a lot about living a healthy life – not just getting better but staying better.
  8. In the course of lots of bodywork I learned how to receive caring touch and let that warmth flow through me.
  9. I met a lot of great practitioners and learned to distinguish technicians from healers and to walk away from those who can’t listen or lack true compassion.
  10. I learned that feeling gratitude heals.

Thank you God – and so it is.

6 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: gratitude

  1. This is a list to contemplate for my own healing right now. Thank you, Leigh. So many of these benefits would have taken me years to figure out on my own, if I ever did. So I am grateful. I am having difficulty with accepting from others. Perhaps you have some advice on that front for me. So glad you are back in Marin. You are so nourished there. And you deserve it.

    • Well, actually accepting in general is a problem still for me (though long illness and the accompanying lack of funds has left me in the position of accepting help often and for years so I’m getting ample opportunity to learn the lesson) — I just got so I could recognize the caring touch of good healers and let myself drink that in instead of feeling uncomfortable about being touched at all…

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