A second view of chilling in Marin

They have a lovely temple/meditation space in the back yard…

Note: Part of the lazy… I really posted this on my Sassy blog… You just get a different picture.

I’m beginning my second week in beautiful Marin. Time here always seems to fly by far too quickly. This place where I house sit is on a spectacular property that’s almost two acres, some of it wooded and adjoined to a county park on one side. Hills, greenery, flowers, the sweet scent of jasmine floating through the gentle air… What’s not to love?

My soul, besides feeding on the landscape, is being nourished by visits with loving friends and two new acquaintances I hope to see every time I return. For those of you who also read Amrita Blaine’s Heart of the Matter blog, I had a lovely lunch with her and so deeply appreciate that the blogging world has proved to be such an amazing network of great people.

My laptop is here and I’m trying to keep up with all the blogging—both reading and writing—but the friends and the walks and the lying in the grass to drink in the energy keep calling to me. I’ve already missed AlphabeThursday and Saturday Centus and my reading is sporadic. I hope you’ll forgive my lapses… my soul is busy being renewed. I know, I know, lesson to be learned: nourish soul wherever I am…

9 thoughts on “A second view of chilling in Marin

  1. At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. – Albet Schweitzer

  2. The ebb & flow of nourishing our souls, then coming back out to share it — ah, it’s a lovely thing. And like your friend DK above says: don’t apologize for nourishing your soul! It’s to everyone’s advantage if you/we do:)

    • Oh I don’t mean to apologize, just aware that one of the places I would like to reach is the space where I carry my calm and nourishment wherever I am — but right now I definitely feel nourished here and not at home, so I’ll take the lovely idea that I’ll be bringing back something that helps others.

      • I’m all for that, haha! I always feel like My Adventures can be of benefit (helps justify them??) Anyway, do enjoy. Marin is way beautiful.

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