Opening to sight: the shaman, the witch and the ancestors


Around ten years ago I started going to a chiropractor who’d also spent some years studying with a Peruvian shaman so he added a whole lot of other healing modes and insights. The first time I saw him he went into an intuitive reading mode at one point and eventually said, “You have a major issue in the maternal line that goes back seven generations.” He felt that it was a big factor in my health problems.

He suggested a shamanic journey to look into it but I didn’t have the spare cash so I decided to use some of the tools I knew. In meditation I asked to be taken back to the ancestor in the maternal line who’d created the issue he saw. I had to really go deep to get there but eventually I came to a witch who was burned at the stake and that our line of women had “the sight”. And then I came to her daughter, who was so distraught by her mother’s fate that she shut down the sight not only for herself but for all who came after.


Of course I don’t have proof – and so far my research on family history hasn’t gotten that many generations back on my mother’s line, but a whole lot of things made sense. It explained some memories about my mother, my aunt and my grandmother, who all seem(ed) to “know” things periodically.

I realized that even though books and teachings about Wicca had come up fairly often, it was the only tradition I’d encountered that I’d also completely ignored. And though I began on a very New Age path I pretty much avoided anything about developing psychic senses or reading auras, opening the third eye, etc. I didn’t overtly feel fear or aversion, I just wasn’t interested. When I understood the history of my line, all that side-stepping of info and training on all those subjects made sense.*

The pineal gland, in spiritual terms, is associated with the third eye, which is traditionally the “eye” that sees beyond our dimension, the psychic connection. Since realizing one of the biggest factors in my health issues is the sphenoid tilted into the pineal gland so that it’s malfunctioning, I see how the ancestral story has woven itself into my body. I could draw out a few more connections to health but you get the idea.

Now I realize this particular story requires a leap of faith about whether I tracked back to “the truth” but regardless of whether you can take that leap, it’s a good example of the way certain issues weave themselves into your story on many levels and affect many aspects of your life.** Do you think you might have any hidden history or memories that explain your current circumstances?

This post is for ABC Wednesday.

* The story of what I’ve done with this info will be another post one day.

** It also seemed like a natural companion to the last post.

23 thoughts on “Opening to sight: the shaman, the witch and the ancestors

  1. Fascinating journey. I’ve had a couple of psychics tell me about past lives, but haven’t been through any kind of regressions on my own. However, I have seen some past life regressions in a group setting, and I’ve become a believer in past lives. Haven’t really considered health from a past life perspective. Thanks for giving me something to think about!

    • Well since these people were my 7th and 8th times great grandmothers I’m thinking it’s cellular memory but it’s confusing. I’ll probably do a post on past life regression at some point as I’ve dabbled in that too, long ago. And I’m interested in whether anyone has done commentary on the differences between or similarities of cellular memory vs. past life… Because I don’t actually know for sure — are they in some ways the same thing? It doesn’t seem that people too often reincarnate into the same family, so I’m confused…

  2. I loved this piece! Really fascinating. A Buddhist monk (female) once told me that, as women, we carry the karma of all the women who came before us, and by working on our karma today, we’re helping all the future generations of women who will come after. I got the same kind of message from this. It was more personal, but I do think there is something that we bring with us from the past whether its cellular or on an energy level. And that by working on ourselves we are helping the future whether it’s our own children or the universe’s children. I’ve always been very drawn to Wicca. I’m Buddhist, but I don’t think one excludes the other. Actually, I think all religions are just different manifestations of the same source.

    • Thanks. I like that idea of healing the karma. I agree they all lead to the same place but I’ve found there are such differences about the way different traditions get there that I can get confused… At the moment I’ve been working on blending wicca with shamanism — they seem to have a lot of similarities and since I’ve studied a couple of shamanic traditions I already have the tools. It’s been fun figuring out how to use the traditions I already know and love in a Wiccan way.

  3. Fascinating. My great, great, . . . great grandmother, Susannah North Martin, was one of 19 alleged witches hung in Salem, Mass. in 1692.

    BEFORE I knew that . . . BEFORE my father had done the geneology and traced us back to her . . . BEFORE I knew of any ties to the Salem Witch Trials . . . I wrote a story about going back in time to Salem in 1692.

    The story is raw (as most are when written by 13 year old girls), but I love that I wrote it BEFORE the knowing time.

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  5. I am following the trail from your post for Sindy’s retro challenge and had not read this one before. NOW I understand why you have referred many times to ancestral healing and health issues. It is such a blessing to see the connections!

    I am learning so much, more than words can say. thanks! ❤

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