Numb to our bodies

When I began this journey I had completely lost touch with my body. My first acupuncturist grew frustrated trying to get me to be aware of various cycles and the feel of needles in specific places, etc. For me it was a combination of lacking consciousness about my body and how it felt and having muscles so knotted up that they were literally numb—at least the ones that weren’t in pain. And I’d lived with pain so long I’d learned how to just block it from awareness.

The long slow process of restoring my health has led to much more fine-tuned body-consciousness. Over the same years I’ve been practicing yoga and working with the triggers of release that have been re-organizing my body and teaching me more about movement and how I take my body through the world. I think this heightened sensitivity about numbness and coming back to life has helped me to see among my students and out in the world that disconnection from the body is pretty common.

When I look around at how we’re encouraged to treat our bodies I realize numbness is a logical outcome. Our society celebrates people who go to work sick, expects athletes to wrap up their wounded limbs and keep on playing, encourages forms of exercise that lead to injuries, and pops pills to cover symptoms instead of trying to fix the problem. These are invitations to ignore what’s really happening and once you’re used to pretending away pain and illness, you are also disconnecting from consciousness of your body.

I think the numbness goes far beyond the physical, but being numb and/or unconscious regarding your body is plenty to contemplate for now. As I’ve said before, your body is the home for your soul. I learned the hard way the high price you can pay for ignoring your body and that emotions tamped down write themselves on your physical being.  Your connection to spirit is usually going to be impaired or disrupted if you are disconnected from your body.  

Are you familiar with your body’s functions and cycles? Do you feel which foods you eat make your body sing and which take it down? If you scan your body are all parts of it in your awareness or are there parts you can’t feel? Are there tense muscles or pains or discomfort that you’re ignoring?

This post if for ABC Wednesday and today is “N”.

11 thoughts on “Numb to our bodies

  1. Some food for thought here. The more I get to read and learn the more I think there is more to health than meets the eye. Within our bodies is the key to our health…..and so I try to discover more.
    Thanks so much for such a thoughtful insight.
    Denise ABC Team

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