7 thoughts on “A Simple Thought

  1. Such beautiful words! Thank You! As always, perfect timing as well!

    Yesterday, my beloved Spiritual Center was vandalized and the clean up process continues. As a group, I feel so blessed that we have been able to meet this experience with Love (rather than anger, frustration, etc). As we continue to express Love and Peace and Understanding – as well as Compassion and Forgiveness we are realizing that this experience is a beautiful reminder of BEing Love…which is our purpose.

    And so today, I will continue breathing Love!

    And if I receive your permission, valued friend; I would love to repost this on my Spiritual Center’s facebook page. I believe we all would value this reminder right now in the midst of the clean-up day that we have ahead of us!

    Thank You again for all of your wonderful posts!


    • This was actually something I “reblogged” and the original post-er thanked me for it so I imagine she’d be happy if you reblogged it again, but if you’d feel more comfortable asking her you can hit the link at the top of the post to go to the original and hit the “reblog” from there or leave her a note.
      I’m so sorry to hear about the vandals but it warms my heart to hear how you all handled it — that is really the ultimate in holding the place of Love!

    • Thank you — I try to reblog something once or twice a week that really stands out for me among the blogs I read and this was the one that reached out and grabbed me.

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