Healing Journey Monday: Minerals

Back when much of the earth was pristine, the soil and all the natural sources of water contained a full array of minerals. And our bodies were designed to require the full complement. Poor stewardship of the earth has depleted the soil of minerals so that fruits and vegetables no longer provide all that we need;* the main reason why the recommended number of portions per day keeps going up is that the nutritional content keeps going down. There are now only a few water sources that contain all the minerals, the Great Salt Lake being one.

In an earlier post I talked about the importance of electrolytes and the fact that minerals are the source. A full complement of minerals is also key to proper digestion as well as for healthy tissues and a healthy brain. Mineral deficiencies can lead to any of a long list of diseases.

There’s widespread agreement among experts that it’s best to get your vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables. As I mentioned in a previous post I have a smoothie every day that contains a wide array of nutrients from a combo of fruits and vegetables (recipes at the older post) but since I’m uneasy about whether I’m really getting all the required minerals I also take one half of the daily dose of Concentrace Minerals (I use Vitamin Shoppe’s less expensive version that uses the Concentrace formula).

As you follow along with me you’ll realize I’m always trying lots of things at once –- practices, exercises, supplements, dietary changes, etc. – and that means I have trouble sometimes pointing to one thing that made the difference. I CAN say that when a practitioner explained enough about the importance of minerals that, combined with what I already knew from Dead Doctors Don’t Lie (see the electrolyte post), I addressed the issue, I experienced one of the moments when my core energy clearly went up and stabilized in a new, better place.

It is so impotant to your health that you provide your body with the full array of minerals that I urge you to make sure that you’re including all you need in your balance of diet and supplements.

* I’m a little unclear as to whether organic farmers are managing to put enough minerals back into the soil to give their produce higher levels.


6 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Minerals

  1. My every morning smoothy: 1 banana – 1 TBS of organic peanut butter – 1 TBS raw honey – Almond milk – 1 organic egg – Dash of organic vanilla – 1 tsp organic cinnamon – handfull of raw spinach. I whip this in a ‘Magic Bullet’ and I’m good to go !

  2. In the last week, I decided to start taking fish oil, probiotics and a daily vitamin. I’ve been surprised to see how just one week of adding these has changed my skin tone as well as my energy level. I probably need to get better vitamins, but even the One A Day I’m taking seems to make a difference.

    I’ve been eating organic fruits and vegetables for a while, so it seems they aren’t providing enough vitamins and minerals we need, at least not yet. It may be that in the olden days we weren’t as clean as we are now in rinsing off fruits and vegetables, and ate more dirt. 🙂 There are those who believe we need to eat earth every day — I’m not ready for that yet.

    • I’m with you — taking the liquid minerals in apple cider is much more pleasant than the dirt idea… It’s nice that you see results so quickly — until recently I’ve been so ill that I often couldn’t decide how much good some changes were doing.

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