Transformation: butterfly

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this journey has been observing not only my own transformation but realizing the infinite potential we all have to transform any aspect of our lives at any time. If you’re willing to change and accept the consequence that many other aspects of your life will also change, you can.

Change, of course, is inherent. You age, you lose and grow hair and cells, people around you move and die, etc. The wonder of saying yes is to see how life can be continually transforming by choice and you have all these opportunities to participate and change with it.

In the practice of right speech you learn that all conversation can lead all parties to it in a new direction. If everyone enters a conversation willing to really listen and to move their positions then any discussion they have is an opportunity for them all to wind up in a new place. With that openness, all of life becomes a dance in which you can keep becoming new.  Like the yin and yang, symbol of change, everything moves continually from one state to another.  Join the dance and you get to do some of the choreography.

I’ve watched myself change in many small–and some big–steps from a shy, withdrawn, neurotic, anxious, unhappy person to an outgoing leader who teaches classes and takes charge and stays serene. While I’ve loved all the transformations, there have been friends who fell away because they were less enthusiastic. One who bonded with me over mutual illnesses drifted away when I became well. Some who didn’t like the spiritual path I took faded out of sight.

I learned to take the losses philosophically. Some friendships just can’t move into a new phase. My best friends have celebrated the growth and change and for every friend lost, new friends showed up.  I think we often hesitate at the threshold of change because of those “down” sides.  But really life brings loss among its cycles.  When you accept that and face forward to constantly grow you’ll see that life also brings you wonderful surprises.

Has your journey brought you transformation? Do you welcome change or try to avoid it? Are you open to being new?


31 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. I appreciate a post like this. right now I’ve been caught in a phase of change – big changes on the physical level, and I’ve gotten a bit lost in it, even though I realize on a spiritual level that change is good. And losses are not so much losses, but instead a way of liberating us to grow, not anchored down by the past. Thanks for this timely reminder.

  2. Over the years I have changed – I believe for the better. I no longer worry about the small stuff or things you just can’t change. Since having cancer I am a much stronger person and will take the time to smell the roses as I walk by the garden. Change is all around us and we need to learn how to embrace it.

  3. yes I have changed tremendously over the years and like you, friends have come and gone but not forgotten. I look forward to change now and to the new people who will enter into my life. Namaste.

  4. I find that one of the beautiful things about aging is that I now embrace change and know that conscious letting go is an important part of growth. I’m now comfortable with “not knowing” and am able to go with the inevitable flow of life. Thanks for an insightful post.

  5. Nice post. I’m a change lover, so long as it’s not neurotic chaotic change just for the sake of change. I’m a firm believer that the more we resist change, the more we get change, but not necessarily change that we welcome.

  6. Well said. It doesn’t really matter whether I am open to it (change) or not because its going to happen with or without me! I might as well enjoy it! I don’t want to be pulled kicking and screaming through change. I’d rather be the agent of change.

  7. Sometimes we as humans need to try a bit of changing more often ourselves, don’t you think! Change what we see everyday, if just to look with new eyes!

  8. Change is an integral part of life but, as you say, it is up to us to make the most of it and direct it where we can. Some change, I love, other change, not so.

  9. Sometimes I yearn for things to be stagnant for just a teeny while. My life is always changing and flowing and there are days when I just want things to remain the same while I catch my breath.

    I think transformation occurs every day, in every second, in every moment of our lives…whether we acknowledge it or not!

    Thanks for a terrific link to the letter “T”.


    • Oh I hear that — a breather sounds nice but transformation does keep occurring anyway. Sometimes I just stop to breathe and pretend all is still… Thanks so much for kind comments.

  10. Sometimes the universe works in such mysterious and beautiful ways. I clicked on this post via the mail I received and it was one of the three random posts WordPress inserts. I was thinking of the concept of transformation this week and today I was thinking that I have lost a friend, but I yet don’t know why (and I may never learn to be honest).

    Transformation is such a powerful concept and in the last three months I have been going through daily brain re-wiring, which sometimes is scary and sometimes confusing. Still going but there is a sense of change and a sense of peace and purpose that before was not there. Maybe this is why when I think of the friend that has been distancing herself from me, instead of feeling desperate loss and feeling desperately lost, I take it rather stoically. I still love her to bits but that’s not relevant. The loss is taken in a very calm way.

    I found your blog today by accident (or chance, or rather simply because I was looking for it – I don’t believe in fate and coincidences to be honest) and I am so glad I did.

    Thank you so much. 🙂

    • It’s amazing how often we’re pointed to something right on point for the moment isn’t it. Glad this post had something to say for you. Thanks so much for reading and subscribing and this thoughtful comment.

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