Make Believe Boutique

I make what I call ‘whimsy wands’……a variation on the magic wand……I have sold  them at craft shows & I give them to kids & kids at heart….they elicit the most wonderful response……joyful, caught of guard, playful….made of sticks & shells, feathers & ribbons & other fun stuff…..a little magic to be strewn about….lightening our load with a laugh & a wish…

this is the essence of our beauteous & vibrant existence…..the one we forget we own….the contradictions of a seemingly unexceptional self….a belly laugh rising like a beast from the mysterious depths of ordinary life, hurling us out of our usual identity….an intensity of living becomes available, graced with the authenticity of joy….

something special about a childlike, whimsical, make-believe moment…

When the puer (‘child’ in Latin) shows up, it offers great promise. We may find the puer rising after a period of cool discontent or fallow wintering of the soul. Its appearance…

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