Intuition for a Journey

Intuition is an enormous topic so I’m not trying to cover more than a small bit here. This piece is for ABC Wednesday, which is “J” this time and I’m traveling back in time to the very early years of my journey.

When I started my yoga teacher training at the Temple of Kriya Yoga I found myself driving to an area of Chicago with which I was not familiar. For weeks I kept trying various highways and major routes that I knew, all of which took me out of the way. Every week a little voice in my head quietly mentioned another way but I didn’t know how the named road in Evanston got down there so I kept taking my longer routes. Those trips also kept putting me in construction projects and accidents.

I arrived for class late every week and the teacher finally became insistent that everyone had to be on time (I was not alone). So I got out a map and realized that the Evanston street, with one minor jog, became the street the Temple is on and went straight down the city to it. Suddenly I got to class on time every week.

At that stage, I knew enough about intuition to believe that intuitive knowledge is often (if not always) more accurate and true than ordinary, mental, knowing. But I hadn’t had time to develop that much of a relationship with mine. So the directions to the Temple came as a soft, barely noticeable whisper and I didn’t recognize it as a whisper from higher consciousness. When I realized that the seemingly odd suggestion was actually the most perfect route I understood that intuition kept nudging me with the best answer—a route I didn’t consciously know.

Over the years I’ve worked on recognizing that intuitive voice and following it more readily. It’s louder now and I am better at listening. That seemingly small incident about which route to take on my journey to the Temple was a turning point for me. I also now know there’s much more to it and that it isn’t always easy to separate intuition’s voice from ego’s. But that’s a post for another day. Do you know when your intuition is trying to give you a better answer? Can you hear that small voice and do you pay attention to it when you do?

12 thoughts on “Intuition for a Journey

    • I’ve been sorry for not listening a number of times — and I’ve also had times when I followed but wound up unclear what the up side was or what I had avoided… Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I really like this. I’ve also thought a lot about intuition over the years, sometimes confusing it with “instinctual” which has not always been my best guide. I agree with you–it’s a huge topic and intuitive is learning to listen deeper, not just react to a first impression.

    • That line for intuition and instinctual is murky for me. I kind of think they’re the same if all is clear, but what often comes up as instinct is so informed by our issues and limiting beliefs that it doesn’t operate with the same high consciousness as intuition. If that even makes sense…

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