From “what’s a blog” to “hey it’s my blog’s first anniversary”–wow!

Note:  The photo really has nothing to do with the post (although you’re welcome to free associate and let me know how it does in the comments).  This was less than three days after the tornadoes blasted through Kentucky and I just felt like putting it up.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year—as of today, March 14—since I started this blog. I barely knew what a blog was and I’d certainly never read one let alone studied anything about how to set one up. But I’d started writing some short pieces on my spiritual journey and I kept getting meditative nudges to get them out there on the internet. A little sniffing around brought me to WordPress and the notion that a blog would be a good forum for presenting these pieces.

The requirement for a name popped up so fast I didn’t really know what to pick. When I first moved from California to Kentucky my friends out there wanted to know about life here so I sent periodic e-mail dispatches I called Notes from the Bluegrass and you can guess from there how this strange title was the first thing that occurred to me. My advice now would be to wait to set up the blog until you’ve thought of a good name.

At first I just wrote and posted with a commitment to myself to put up two a week. My page didn’t have anything extra on it and I accidentally linked to Facebook while trying to get a Facebook like button. Occasionally I got a random “like” or comment but by and large my stats were flat-lined at zero. Unsure whether I had enough to say to keep posting or the discipline to write regularly it felt like it was all I could do to dream up topics and get something posted twice a week.

The lack of readers eventually disappointed, so I began looking at the WordPress files on how to get more readers. Suddenly I surfed and commented and liked and found my subscriber list growing. I’m now part of a network of spiritual bloggers, many of whom are all following one another. I’ve set up another blog for fiction writing exercises, which has led to more networking. Then I set up a blog for my not-so-spiritual alter-ego, Not Just Sassy on the Inside.

Talk about writing practice! And as my favorite writing guru, Natalie Goldberg*, teaches, the more I write the more it flows. Giving a goose to my writing is just one of the benefits. I’m thrilled every day when my in box is full of e-mails telling me people have liked and commented and subscribed. And because I know how happy it makes me, I feel happy every time I click “like” or “follow” or make a comment because I know there’s a good chance someone else is going to feel good.

The first year has been more inspiring and fun than I could have imagined and I’m so grateful. Most of all I’m grateful for all of you who subscribe and read. I smile when your now familiar faces appear under my posts or in my e-mails and I’m a writer who lacks words to express how much it means to me. Thank you for helping to make this first year great!

*Writing Down the Bones  and Wild Mind have been my favorite books on writing for many years.


21 thoughts on “From “what’s a blog” to “hey it’s my blog’s first anniversary”–wow!

  1. Hey! It’s your first blogging anniversary and my wedding anniversary all on the same day – how wonderful! Happy anniversary!!

    I too have the writing bug since starting my blog ….. and like you, I love to see readers comments and emails from my subscribers … it does seem like one large family, all gaining insights, inspiration and knowledge from one another.

    Well spirit does say that we are all connected, and now I feel we are so fortunate to have the ability, through the internet, to know at least some of those connections.

    Enjoy your day, happy writing! May you have many more stories in your future 🙂

    • Oh Happy Anniversary to you! Yes, the connections are amazing — and now that they’ve added that map to the stats, I’m so amazed every day to see how the connections are all over the world.

  2. Happy Anniversary to a fantastic blog and blogger :). Your writing does indeed tow beautifully and is inspiring for those of us still struggling
    As for the picture. When do we In the Northern Hemisphere celebrate a New year? When snow is on the ground and the seeds of what the year is to come lie underneath.

  3. Happy Anniversary! It’s been a joy to read your blogs. I can so relate to what you’re saying. I’m thrilled when anyone presses like or writes a comment on one of my psost. I feel like I’m still very much a beginner at blogging, and it’s helping me grow my writing skills in ways that I wouldn’t have anticipated when I started.
    I imagine you will have even more amazing progress to record in a year from now!
    Happy blogging,

    • Oh thanks so much, I always look forward to reading your posts. When I started I didn’t really imagine that I’d still be writing after a year so the idea of a second anniversary — holy smokes!

  4. Happy Anniversary!I didnt know you had several blogs, I will check them out. I started blogging in the Fall on another site, 2 other sites actually. But couldnt get excited about it, but I made the jump to WP and now I write everyday and post several times a week. I have a second blog but for now its private, I ‘m still reconnecting to my voice after many years of silence. As a fellow ‘transplanted southern girl’I will continue to read and enjoy your blog for many anniversarys to come.

  5. Happy anniversary, Leigh! I read and enjoy both of your blogs and am so glad you’ve found a growing community with which to share ideas. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!

  6. Happy Blogging Anniversary to you, Leigh! 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for peeking in on my latest Xentor story on Saturday Censtuts. That is a fun little meme for ‘spur of the moment’ writing exercise.

    Please keep on blogging! So many just want to be social without the writing and opt for Facebook only. That is the only way I can keep in touch with some of my old blogging friends. 😥

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