Politics, judgment, etc. Part 2, again

I thought maybe I should post Part 2 of the Politics post since I put up the first part last week. This is a slightly edited version of another of those old posts from the days when I was the only person who read them…

You may have noticed that in the first post on Politics, I slipped into some judgment toward the end of it. It’s very hard, I think, to enter into the political discussion and stay completely out of judgement—at least it is for me. So this is my experience of trying to live in a peaceful frame.

I was a hippie, liberal/leftist who protested against the Vietnam war, marched for solar power and against apartheid and worked on nuclear power plant cases as a lawyer so I have some deeply ingrained opinions and I catch myself getting enraged at those who disagree.  But somewhere in my public interest work years I started becoming uncomfortable with the degree to which lots of people around me seemed to open their hearts to nameless, faceless masses far away but were often not so nice to people in the room.

We were supposedly working for peace and justice out of some belief that life is precious but I couldn’t help but notice that we didn’t behave as if all life was precious.  If all life is precious then it seems to me I don’t get to be mean to Republicans or pro-lifers or fundamentalists or leftists who are angry or whoever just because they have a different point of view or live a different lifestyle.  They’re alive.  Doesn’t that make them precious?

It’s one of the greatest places in which I get to practice mindfulness because if I don’t stay alert to my reactions I slip into the vitriolic ranting that keeps hatred and rage in the atmosphere and fuels the fires of riots and wars and crimes.  I find that staying that mindful takes practice — for me that’s not only sitting meditation, but moving meditation such as chi gung or chanting, or, often, yoga nidra.  I practice a lot and I’m still not there.  But I catch myself more and more often and change direction with the lovingkindness chant for whomever I’m mentally dissing.

What you believe, what your politics are, what your religious views are, whether you do anything because of what I’ve said is not my business.  Nothing that anyone else does is my business.  The only business that’s mine is the process of becoming peace, of paying attention to my place in the web of life.  Until I can claim that I bring only peace I am in no position to point fingers at anyone else (and my observation of those who make it to “being peace” is that once there they don’t point fingers).  What’s your business?

4 thoughts on “Politics, judgment, etc. Part 2, again

  1. Very nice post, Leigh. And so appropriate in the current political environment. I also want to thank you for the Sunshine Award nomination. I am conjuring up my post, but it may need to simmer for a while. But I was truly honored. The blogosphere is a nice place to be, I have found, for it brings you into contact with fellow travelers that you would never know otherwise. You are one of my favorites.

    • Oh, that Versatile blogger I did along with the Sunshine was awarded to me MONTHS before I developed a list, etc. So I won’t be counting at all! And yes, I love the way this blog world has brought me such lovely new friends like you –and such thought provoking things to read too!

  2. Your insights and thought today are right on. It is so easy to fall into the trap of not accepting those who don’t think like us liberals. Not very nice of us I do say! I still believe that is everyone thought like me, the world would be a better place and all its people too. However, I must allow others to think as they choose, as hard as that may be. Jack

    • I think everybody who has a political view thinks theirs is right. I think maybe I expect more from liberals and that’s why I’m a little hard on them. I imagine to a Republican I’m not hard enough! The thing that helps me is realizing that the universe probably has a brilliant possibility that no current political group has a clue about, so I figure I need to try to get quiet and peaceful and listen…

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