Politics, religion and judgement Part 1, again

This is another one I posted back in the no readers days and as I looked through old posts I realized that the current political scene is bringing up the same thoughts.

Watching the political maelstrom of late,  my reflections on opinions and judgment have been swirling.   I can see that when it comes to politics and religion lots of folks have some underlying belief not only that they’re right but that the world (or life as we know it) is somehow threatened by the wrongness of those who disagree.  That fear leads to hate and condemnation.

It’s one place where I can see pretty clearly that I can disagree with someone else’s opinion but there’s no reason I need to judge that person as bad or evil.  The same for those who hold different religious views.  I also see that for most people anyone who disagrees with their opinions–whether it’s Democratic or Republican views, abortion for or against, reincarnation or none, Protestant or Catholic, etc.– is an enemy.

It seems that since the dawn of time people have duked it out over deep seated beliefs and hatred of those who believe differently.  And everyone is so convinced of their rightness that they seem unable to see that in the end all that vitriol is the thing that destroys us and threatens life as we know it.

The left thinks of itself as the group that aims for peace but I see just as much hateful conduct from the left as from the right.  A lot of lip service is paid to Gandhi and Martin Luther King but few actually choose to practice what they taught.  And even fewer seem to see that it takes a lot of spiritual practice to be peace yourself.  The only person I can control is me.  The only anger I can stop is mine.  I am the war or I am the peace.  I choose peace.

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6 thoughts on “Politics, religion and judgement Part 1, again

  1. I so agree with you about being the war or being the peace. I too choose peace. I wonder what it is about we humans that we are so much more eager to create, establish, defend divisions than to build bridges & stand together …………….. I know I spent much of my adulthood adding to this, but once I SAW that I don’t have to, I decided to quit it. And I find that it actually alot more effort!! Maybe that’s why so many are so willing to call each other evil or Hitler or ‘other’……………

    • Well, I think it’s more effort in our society because our thoughts were trained in a different direction. I wonder if it’s as hard for someone raised in Buddhism or some remote tribe??? Glad I found your blog through Dimitie.

      • I also wonder if other cultures respond the same way most of us do. And I think there are some differences. The Dalai Lama says the Tibetans don’t understand the feelings of guilt that hang over us ……

  2. J’ai une grande admiration pour ML King et Gandhi! And I totally agree with what you say about tolerance and choosing peace instead of war!
    I’m an atheist and I respect everyone’s beliefs!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Happy day****

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