Otherness and Oneness–AlphabeThursday O

Buddhist writings refer often to duality, which is the ordinary comprehension of the world having an us and a them, of people as separate from one another. Since we are actually all part of the same great web of consciousness, duality is not real (although in some other post I’ll explore the need to have it in order to negotiate the physical plane). Any thought you hold that there is such a thing as an “other” is an illusion.

As I mentioned in the Energy post, I’ve found over the years that it’s easy for me to spout those words but, not having achieved enlightenment, understanding what they really mean is much harder. I’m sure my comprehension will deepen as I progress but I’ve come to a place of at least getting what a big deal it is to realize that when I say we’re one it really means that I am you and you are me. That I am Adolf Hitler and he was me. I am a child molester and a child molester is me. I am a supermodel and a supermodel is me.

Hew Len’s ho oponopono work has been really helpful to me here. Everything I see in someone else is also within me. Anything that seems ill or wrong or criminal in someone else is also within me. I can say Mornah’s Prayer for every aspect of me that I see in others and heal. As mentioned in a previous post, Hew Len found that when he healed aspects of mental illness and criminal behavior in himself it also healed those whose aspects he found in himself–because they are one.

The idea extends beyond people to all thoughts that one thing is better than another or worse than another or different from another or that you like or dislike one thing versus another thing. The thought that there are two different things is duality thinking. Illusion. Again, Mornah’s Prayer for healing and forgiveness of your belief in otherness.

One prayer at a time I move from the illusion of otherness to understanding oneness.

This is my entry for Jenny Matlock’s AlphabeThursday.

15 thoughts on “Otherness and Oneness–AlphabeThursday O

  1. Interesting ideas. I suppose in a way it’s like the Christian teaching of learning to love one another. Often what we “dislike” or judge in others is something that we fear in ourselves. When we learn to love ourselves more, we cease to judge others harshly.

    • I think a lot of traditions have love at the core. I look forward to the day when what we see is the love at the center of it all instead of the ways in which different religions get to the love by different paths.

  2. But I think duality extends far beyond just us and other people. Duality refers to just about everything… we view the world a dichotomies. But the truth is that each characteristic/thing/ strength/weakness, etc contains its opposite. See the yin/yang symbol for imagery of this concept.
    The “path” or “‘middle way” is the way of living that finds the balance between opposites. Each person’s balance/path is different. The American system of government is based on this understanding…And the absurdity we are currently witnessing in politics is the result of having strayed from this understanding.
    I enjoyed your post on energy and agree that all yogis could spend the rest of eternity trying to understand, and still fall short of total comprehension. However, the effort for self-enlightenment is worthy. But just as important is trying to apply that enlightenment to real world problems and situations. That is what I try to write about in my blog, always working on myself and my understanding in the background in hopes that my comments/insights will be worthy of publication.
    I enjoy following your blog, as it stimulates my own thinking and enlightens my own journey.

    • I guess I didn’t phrase the fourth paragraph too clearly but I tried to say that I too think it’s way beyond people.

      As far as politics, I find it so divisive — and that it still sparks such divisive feelings in me– that I try to stay away from it and concentrate instead on transforming the anger that makes me divisive into peace.

      I’m so thrilled every time someone tells me they’re liking my blog! So thank you. And the most unexpected fun I’m getting from reading blogs every day is from the many ways in which they inspire me to deepen and/or strengthen my own thoughts.

  3. it IS difficult to follow. When I think of oneness, I think about everything coming from the same source, and that’s where the oneness comes from. It’s hard to imagine that everyone’s thoughts are intermingled. Interesting. {:-Deb

    • Yes, I think for me the hard piece comes from having to realize that my body isn’t me and that it’s on the energetic level that all consciousness is just one giant field.

  4. This was such a thoughtful and thought provoking link to the letter “O”.

    I read it several times and it definitely made me ponder.

    Thank you for sharing your philosophical words.


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