About energy flow and Twitter, etc.

One of Serge King’s seven principles of Huna is “energy flows where attention goes.” It’s been a key principle for me and over the years I’ve enjoyed seeing how many places it applies and how many ways it applies, from acupuncture to the Law of Attraction to yoga to emotional mastery. Wherever you point your attention, that’s where your energy goes.

I’ll be doing several posts that explore this principle but today I mainly want to give a little intro to the video clip below. Last week I finally gave up my personal boycott of Twitter and tweeting and decided that I should get an account so I could link this blog to it. I got the account but hadn’t done anything with it except set the blog up to show up on Twitter. Since I did nothing about connecting to friends or finding out more about how it works I assumed nothing would happen until I could put in more time. But apparently when I opened to Twitter’s possibilities and put a little energy into it I opened the flow because I’ve started getting followers. Among the first was Sri Pranananda—aka Louix Dor Dempriey—which led me to checking out this video. I was quite taken with his discourse and its relation to the concept of energy flows where attention goes. See what you think:

11 thoughts on “About energy flow and Twitter, etc.

  1. Hi Leigh, what do I have to do to access the video? I can see a code above but what do I do with it ? Sorry for being a pain ! Angie

    • In case e-mail didn’t get to you, I’ve gotten it up again and at the moment it’s still showing up. Since I don’t know why it disappeared before, not sure if it will stay up…

  2. I love this one: “energy flows where attention goes.” Beautiful!

    Mainly it’s what you focus on becomes reality, that’s my motto in life 😀 Mastering it is a bit hard as almost everyone is programmed to expect bad things. My life was full with it and I still play around practising another attitude!

    Let’s inspire each other, and btw if you like to follow me on twitter my nick there is @spiegeltjes I tweet in Dutch and sometimes in English and I know I should make an account there for all my lovely English followers. It’s about time to do so hehehehe.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. What a great link! Thank you so much. And you inspired me to investigate my own dormant Twitter account.
    While watching the video, I thought about how some people would be put off by his yogi-like appearance…you know, think that he is just some wacko out there in hippie-land. On the one hand, people need to be ready to receive the message–“beginner’s mind” perhaps. But I think my role my be to “look normal” –my background is business after all. Maybe that is why the feather extension I recently put in my hair fell out so soon!!

    • Yes, I do think normal is key for some people. I’ve also had a notion it might be the main reason I have three degrees — just makes me more credible to a certain audience…

  4. Great post, and really liked the video! Twitter is an amazing thing. I tend to only share my blogs and a few personal anecdotes on it, yet I still find the connection with people around the world to be amazing, and of course, I’ll follow your tweets,

  5. Hi Leigh,

    I’ve found Twitter to be fantastic. I’ve only been on for a short while and already found out what an amazing social network it is, The flow of information is fantastic.


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