Out of my head, into my heart… my soul?

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Being an academic type, when I began the journey, I read — and read and read.  Book after book.  And I attended workshops and consulted psychics and learned to read runes and tarot.  I wanted answers and my life experience led me to believe I would find them by studying.

When I started to move away from seeing myself as an intellectual (see previous post) I began to question all the reading.  Shortly before that time I worked at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  Best place I ever had a job and I love IONS, but the longer I worked there the more I felt that the emphasis on scientific proof meant too much head, not enough heart; the first time I caught the difference and could express it.  Then I saw it in myself.
Although I also did practices, too much of my journey was occurring in my head..  I realized that the collection of books I already owned contained all I needed to know (many times over), I just needed to know it in my heart and my body and my spirit instead of in my head.  I also figured out that you can pick up a good book every few years if you are growing and deepening and find new understanding and meaning every time.  I occasionally still pick up a new book–sometimes a new way of saying something makes it clear or helps me to see in a different light.  But I’ve turned more to practice and feeling how energy changes, moves, grows with one practice versus another.
With practice I felt more connection with spirit.  I learned to understand practices by doing them instead of reading about them.  My understanding now is that connection with the divine self is not achieved by a journey of the mind; it is not an intellectual exercise.  The journey is one of feeling and faith, of opening your heart and your channel to spirit and learning to follow their wisdom.  Are you on the journey in your head or in your heart?

12 thoughts on “Out of my head, into my heart… my soul?

  1. nice thoughts and very timely for most of us. I think it is a balance of mind and spirit – and of course body – and being able to Choose when we use what.. rather than habitually or by ‘rule’ working with one or the other. Thank you for the posts.

  2. I agree with kate above that we need a balance of mind, body and spirit. I love to share, what I learn. I love to read, but DO ING is the secret to success.

    • Eremite Mike, I read your old blog and would like to be invited to read your current blog. According to WordPress I need an invitation to do so. Your thoughts/realizations resonate & I too am in the process of shedding all that I have. Thanks, Treesong

      • I’m not Eremite Mike. I liked his old blog too and wondered where he went. Don’t know what to tell you about getting inviting as apparently I didn’t get an invitation either…

  3. We are a highly intellectualized culture. Detaching from that is difficult. I find for me the greatest ease in embodying spirit comes in Nature. The act of BEING present to what is without that inner conversation connects me to a higher level of awareness – consciousness – and it is in that moment that I feel the integral connection and inherent unity of all.

  4. I’m descending the stairs from my brain to my heart. Spent a long time up in my head but I’ve discovered my heart is where ‘its’ at! Love your blog 🙂

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