Getting around myself


A friend of mine held a small gathering today for creating vision boards for 2012. When she first invited me I thought it sounded great, particularly as the guest list was small (prefer small social gatherings over large) and included some of my favorite people. Though I don’t ordinarily like arts/crafts projects I’ve always had a penchant for collage so vision boards are right up my arts and crafts alley.

But then the e-mail arrived with the attached files explaining the type of vision boards we were going to do. One attachment was a bagua – the feng shui map of the areas of a house– and the accompanying file let us know we were going to be creating vision boards by the layout of the bagua. I loathe having to deal with graphs and charts*, especially having to organize data or material to fit them so my first reaction was, “Oh no, talk about sucking the fun out of doing a vision board!”

For a couple of days I mulled and flip-flopped. In the end the main driving force became my recent realization that with my health doing better I want to start re-entering the world. It seemed self-defeating to forego a chance to hang out with my friends just because I have an aversion to charts. And I had to admit it couldn’t hurt to give it a chance instead of rejecting it before trying it.  Small and silly though that may seem, I haven’t always been able to step around my aversions and open to a new experience.

I really enjoyed the afternoon and I like my board. I’d prefer to do my usual free-form board the next time, but this was interesting and the process turned out to be more fun than I expected. The time with my friends – priceless. Sometimes the hardest thing about enjoying life with tranquility is sidestepping our own little foibles and roadblocks. It’s not always a big issue you have to delve into, here and there you just have to get around yourself.

* Not an issue I feel a need to address; since I’m not a mathematician nor a social scientist it matters very little in most of my life that I don’t like charts and graphs.


7 thoughts on “Getting around myself

  1. Kind of an interesting concept, doing a vision board by the feng shui, but I’m with you, free form is so much easier. I’m a huge visual person. All I want is to put things where they look good. Hah. Either way, though, your vision board looks fantastic. 🙂 Glad to hear your year is starting off with good health and good friends.

    • Yes, supposedly there’s more power in having specific parts of the vision tied to specific areas of the bagua including the specific colors and minerals — I’m interested to see if that makes the board more powerful in any way I can discern. Of course if it is, I guess I’ll have to re-think the free form…

  2. I can see three themes on your vision board (which I love by the way): peace,light, and family. Great job.

    It is so exciting to read your words-Sometimes the hardest thing about enjoying life with tranquility is sidestepping our own little foibles and roadblocks. I’m glad you made this sidestep.

    Be well.

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