What if God is all of us?

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Reading a novel that yet again brought me the endless debate on whether God exists I was feeling kind of, “Blah, blah, blah.” The usual questions were raised, “if God exists why does He allow so much awful stuff to happen?” And the counters about miracles and faith. Blah, blah, blah. But my mind being what it is by a few “blahs” later the debate drew me in and I wondered what might answer the question about a God who would sit back and allow hurricanes, murders, famine, etc. The old “there are reasons in the universe that are beyond our understanding” never really worked for me.

Right away I realized the debate always seems to rest on an assumption that God is an entity (just one) who exists somewhere out there—well, not just out in the heavens, but outside of us—and decides our fates. But I believe that we’re all part of one giant interconnected consciousness and that God is the totality of that consciousness; looked at another way we’re each a part of God. Or maybe we are Him and He is Us.

From that perspective I look at the state of humanity and it seems to me if God is all of us then pestilence and famine aren’t such a big surprise. If we want a kind and loving God maybe we have to be kind and loving. What if God is all of us?


28 thoughts on “What if God is all of us?

  1. Mary Baker Eddy, author of “science and health with key to the scriptures” was the only one who was able to disseminate the dark and cynical views I had of christianity.

    She really puts forwards some wonderful metaphysical truths.

    • I really only know of her through her influence on the Fillmores whom I haven’t read either but I attended a Unity Church for a long time so those names floated around my world for a long time. Thanks for commenting.

  2. such a great post. I am going to agree completely with you. I also believe god is their in each one of us. So If we want a kind and loving God maybe we have to be kind and loving.
    Really wonderful thought behind the whole post. Great job.

  3. Oh yes absolutely.. and with that is the essential education for all of us in the skills of self discipline, taking responsibility and compassion for others. I feel so strongly about this that I have written an entire book (Personal Magic) on it complete with exercises to build that capacity!!

    • Kate, yes, that is so right! I would love for you to visit my blog at spiritunfolding.wordpress.com…I don’t think I have written on self-discipline, etc. but it is implicit in what I say about the world needing new values (I think I have written about that…or at least I have thought about writing about that 🙂

  4. As I was reading your first paragraph, I am reminded that it is understandable that people call themselves atheist. Who needs a God like you describe? One should be an atheist if that is what God is. So many people have such childish notions of God. Any intelligent person would best be and atheist if that is what God is meant to be.
    Your later ideas are right on. I often talk of God using quantum physics concepts. What I like to call Quantum Theology. The onward progression of the whole of creation from moment of the birth of the universe and the part we are in that developing process. As the universe is evolving, so too is the “God” that it is and we are, and as you rightly conclude the God that is us.
    What that says about our treatment of one another is astounding if people would only grasp what we are for and with one another. As I have written in a past posting on my Blog bestillandknow101.wordpress.com we really are stardust – all a part of it all. God in development and process who is US. Jack

  5. Hi! Actually, I have come to believe that we all, and the energy that we are, that permeates everyone and everything, is God. And we create and co-create experiences as opportunities to learn and evolve as spirit. I experienced the knowing that we actually plan our lives’ experiences; so when people think that there is a single entity that lets bad things happen, it doesn’t work that way. (I wish people weren’t so upside down on this point). Just getting into the book, Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews, by Barbara With. She is able to shine a big light on some of the big life questions. Great stuff!

    • I totally agree with you mariner2mother. I am working with an energy healer who studied with Native Americans, and it is amazing what she can do. All this information was common knowledge to indigenous people around the world and throughout history until relatively recently…I believe the world is on the verge of getting that knowledge back…and that is how we will get out of the mess we are in right now….I invite you to visit my blog at spiritunfolding.wordpress.com

  6. I also loved the comments this post elicited. Hope you don’t mind that I shamelessly promoted my blog to your commenters. I think it is wonderful that the Internet enables like-minded people to find each other, and to encourage one another to do our very important work of spreading the word.

    • Helping one another’s blogs is what some of this connecting is about I think. Yes, I love the like-minded aspect — even though I’ve connected with some spiritual groups and people here I’ve felt a little disconnected since I left California and all you lovely bloggers are helping me to fill more plugged in again.

  7. Thank you for the thoughtful post and dropping by to say hello. You do have some good points but what is really the truth in all you wrote?

    There are so many unknowns, and mysteries befuddle our senses. Some in good ways and others not in so good ways. Sometimes, we are half asleep, half awake, and mostly, overall, filled with mysteries.

    Intuition is our invisible link with God (the creator). It is an extraordinary spiritual blessing which doesn’t have any rationale explanation, but God whispers to us through it to show and guide us. Intuition is greater and more powerful than the mind functioning through human brain.

    Most religions and religious and non-religious (Or atheists) people tell us foolish things about God.
    Oh, aren’t they cute!
    Some of them can make you soil your clothes and get sick to your stomach. The result of their reasoning is the total vanishment of the mechanical conditions of existence. It’s like erasing a canvas so you can replace it with a new picture.

    You cannot be yourself if you do not know yourself. If you do not know yourself you cannot know God. To know yourself is one of the most difficult things in the world. Once you know yourself, to live with yourself becomes less challenging.
    I know how easy to pretend not to know, and to forget ourselves.

    Nietzsche said: “We interpret ourselves as a unity in a world of images, which we created”. It is true.

    • Well I don’t really believe in “a truth”, “one truth” or “the truth”– I think there are as many truths as there are religions and paths and each is true to those who believe. I am equally happy with everyone else’s decisions about what they think is true and I have no truth that I feel anyone else “has” to follow or believe. Thanks for thoughtful comments.

  8. I perceive atheism to be an ideology because it is driven by the idea of self deification; there is a distinct degree of arrogance involved with that thought process which translates into a way of life. I view it as a distorted view of the world and of the self. The very fundamental understanding of the deeper meaning of a life lived is missing from that ideology.

    Atheism is a secular religion like so many others having different forms, and changing over time. As humans, most of us have moral ideas, whether we identify as being religious or are purposefully “trying not to be”. In these situations, moral rules can vary significantly to those of others and are heavily dependent on the present environment, both physical and social, among many other variable factors.

    Dealing with delusion is not a pleasant experience. One can shake up the very perception of the self and can leave one in a state of bewilderment for a period of time.

    There is so much that goes on in the background of which we fail to understand or are simply unaware. It is important to bear in mind that not everything that happens to us in life is the result of making an error. We find ourselves tested with events, which are beyond our control.

    Yilmaz Alimoglu

  9. Great post! Thank you, yogaleigh, for visiting my blog (http://TheGodFranchise.WordPress.com) and making me aware of yours. I concur totally with what you have said, and what most of your respondents have said too. I wrote my book, The God Franchise, totally from the view that we are each a part of God, (or God-Consciousness as I prefer). God created the universe out of His very essence as that was the only resource available, in order to have experience. We are all God Franchisees giving God experience. The good and bad in the world, the world of duality, is essentially an illusion (maya) created by our Ego/Mind, when we abused the free will God gave us. This is all explained in the allegory of Adam and Eve in the first three chapters of Genesis. I also explain it in my book. I found it fascinating to discover what that story, which I have known for so long, really means. Bless you, and I will enjoy following your future posts.

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