Minerals, electrolytes and getting nudges from somewhere

In 1998 a guide in Italy played me a tape as we tooled around Tuscany, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”*, a surprisingly entertaining and funny discussion (and I still thought so when I got my own copy and listened without the lovely hills of Chianti flying by) of our bodies’ need for a full array of minerals, how badly those minerals have become reduced in our food (soil) and water supply, and recommending that everyone take a mineral supplement.  The guide had researched it and came to a product from the Great Salt Lake (one of the few places in the world where the complete array of minerals exists).  I bought some minerals from Trace Mineral Research, producers of a complex called ConcenTrace that comes from the Lake and has all the minerals.

At the time the chronic fatigue was bad enough that often I couldn’t really tell whether a new supplement or treatment made a difference or not. The minerals were expensive (on my budget; and they’ve come down in price since then) and so I drifted away from using them even though I could tell they had some kind of impact.

A few years later—and somewhat improved on the CFS front—during a hot summer I started taking walks and noticed that I felt kind of drained when I finished. I’d been hearing about electrolytes so I bought an electrolyte drink at the health food store and was amazed at what an impact it had. I started drinking it more often and my energy definitely picked up.

Not long after a friend of mine handed me a recording of a talk by Rob Robb in which he mentioned electrolytes and how people on a serious spiritual path often have a deficit in electrolytes and need to be sure to take electrolytes. He concluded that a mineral supplement (such as ConcenTrace) is the best way to keep electrolytes up.

Somehow I hadn’t previously made the electrolyte/mineral connection. But by the third message concerning the need to take minerals/electrolytes I got it. I’ve been taking ConcenTrace ever since (Vitamin Shoppe now has their own trace mineral supplement that uses ConcenTrace and is a good bit less expensive) plus working on more minerals through my rainbow smoothies.

No practitioner ever made that connection for me and it has really helped, so I encourage you to follow your own instincts as well as your practitioner’s advice. I’m so grateful that the Universe (or whoever up there gives the occasional push) kept nudging me until I put it together. A lot of times just what you need is sent to you; trick is to recognize it.  

* The tape seems not to be available any more though Amazon has a video and Dr. Wallach now has his own line of mineral products.


5 thoughts on “Minerals, electrolytes and getting nudges from somewhere

  1. I’ve never heard of electrolytes before .. maybe I’m dense! Part of my syndrome of auto immune probs is CFS, so I’m def going to investigate this further … extra energy would certainly be welcomed! Thanks for the info.

    • You’re so welcome. Hope it helps you too. Of course there have been a whole complex of supplements, exercises, bodyworkers and various treatments that have all contributed to the overall feeling better, but electrolytes definitely gave me a boost. Hefty doses of vitamin B-12 also.

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