Changing your mind


Even when you’ve released a lot of issues your thoughts are likely to have both residue from those issues and many tapes still playing based on lots of beliefs you’ve taken in from childhood on. While I’ve never found that repeating affirmations and/or positive thinking alone can turn around all those thoughts, I think you can have a big impact on your patterns of thinking by what you choose to focus upon.


Most traditions have affirmations (though not always by the same name) and I like them for helping my mind to form new channels. When I am aware of particular negative patterns in my thinking I like to write a “turnaround” affirmation and to stay mindful enough to notice every time the old tapes start running so I can repeat the affirmation instead. It really helps me to form new patterns.


I also keep some tapes of things like Louise Hay‘s affirmations and excerpts of the Course in Miracles around so that I can run some positive thinking in the background. And I like to watch DVD’s like What the Bleep or You Can Heal Y our Life when I feel like I need a new direction for my thoughts or maybe just because I want to reinforce my beliefs.

Cover of "What the Bleep Do We Know!?"

Cover of What the Bleep Do We Know!?



I live in a place where my beliefs are far from the norm. All these tools really help me to hold my space in the midst of a maelstrom of attitudes and opinions that are very opposed to mine. It’s given me a new appreciation for what the Buddhists call Sangha. Traditionally it was a spiritual community like a monastery or ashram where people who shared a system of beliefs lived together and supported one another in practice and spiritual progress. It can also mean any community of like-minded people who support one another on their path.


When I lived in Marin I had an apartment at a teacher’s house and was so surrounded by sacred events and like-minded friends that I could hold the space for my beliefs without thinking about it. Since I’ve moved to a place where I’m often surrounded by people who don’t share my beliefs I’ve found I have to consciously work at keeping supporting thoughts around me and the moments I share with the friends who are also on this journey are among the most precious I have.


Whatever your circumstances it never hurts to reinforce positive thinking by reading, watching and/or listening to materials that support a world view like yours. And I encourage you to find others who share your views, preferably locally so you can have face-to-face encounters but reach out on blogs or Ning networks for support from a virtual sangha if you can’t find one near you. The energy of two or more sharing their beliefs is a powerful support on the journey to peace.



8 thoughts on “Changing your mind

  1. I really like the concept of turning around your negative thoughts with positive affirmations. I think the trick is to try and recognise the moment when those negative feelings creep up on us, and have some reinforcing affirmations to hand to enable us to get back on track before those emotions take over. It’s a much harder climb from the bottom than from a few steps down.
    Thank you for a posting with an idea that I shall endeavour to master!

  2. Once again, we are on the same wavelength. I have found the Abraham-Hicks CDs the most valuable tools I have found in helping me change ingrained thought patterns. I also always have one of their books on hand and when I am in a funk, I go to Youtube and watch one of their short videos. Affirmation for the day: I am a spiritual seeker who deserves to be accepted and nurtured by the community of seekers I have found here.
    Need I add, that you, my dear Leigh, have played a major role in inviting me into this local group and I am eternally grateful for that generosity of yours.

    • Oh, yeah, I have Abraham Hicks daily quote as the home page on my browser so the first thing I see when I get started is a nice quote from Abraham. No more grateful than I am that you’re part of my world.

  3. Thank you for you comments on this Monday, Dec, 12,

    I appreciate having the ‘resources’ that you mentioned and will try to
    connect with them and access them. m.e.

    • Thank you Mary Ellen — I so appreciate hearing from you about the posts! You’ll see above, Deborah reminded me about Abraham Hicks — the videos and the daily quote on the AH web site are worth noting.

  4. Hello Leigh! first f of all thank for for your support my bog. I have enjoying reading your story and looking at your site here. I think we have much in common.
    Interesting what you write about Positive . I struggled with that concept as I know to may people who use ‘positive thinking’ as a kind of ‘happy face’ escape from the facts. I made a shift in my mind (and write about it in the Personal Magic book) and prefer to use the term Positive Being – as in being aware of and able to Be with reality. Not falsely cheerful not escaping,avoiding but no plunging into despair and paralysis. BEING with the reality of this part of the journey now… thinking can sometimes leads us into mind-games I think!. I look fwd to more of your posts. Thank you.

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