Me? A dark side? Surely not!

Screaming it out

Nobody seems to like delving deeply into the roiling circle of issues, negative beliefs and general guck that surrounds the diamond heart (see earlier post for more info on the diamond heart). I get a kick out of how many people think they don’t have any issues—of course that used to be me so it’s an empathetic kick…

I don’t think many people get past early childhood without picking up a bunch of issues from their parents’ neuroses, picking up a set of beliefs from family and society, adding in a lot of self-doubt due to parental criticisms and conditional love, and generally have the God Self squished into a box so small they can’t find it. I also think when most traditions talk about cleansing, detaching, letting go, etc. they’re mainly referring to those issues of self and belief that most of us have buried out of sight, but that rule our lives beyond our conscious awareness.

All those repressed emotions and issues not only control your life and make it tougher but they also add their dark unhappiness to the web of all life. I strongly believe that the most important work anyone can do is to clear that energy, raise that vibration, and become the energy of peace.

There are many, many ways to work on those issues. I went through the Fischer-Hoffman Process but since my teacher died I’m not sure there’s anyone still doing the original work. A.H. Almaas‘ Diamond Heart work has helped a lot of people. A good transpersonal psychologist can help but good is hard to find. Insight Meditation has lots of levels that examine thoughts and detach from them. The Hindus have a lot of chants and ceremonies (check out puja) that clear karma. Some people like Byron Katie‘s The Work. Some of the offspring of EST are said to be good. There are dozens more.

I suggest you try a few tools. Find more than one that works for you and choose which to use according to circumstances. My experience has been that the most deeply hidden issues are very resistant to surfacing and it can take approaching it in more than one way and many times. The great news is that after the relatively brief unpleasantness of facing a shadow you didn’t want to meet, you are free. Every

Lightness of being

time I let go I feel an incredible lightness of being (way more up and positive than Kundera‘s version).


4 thoughts on “Me? A dark side? Surely not!

  1. Leigh, again, I have identified with you blog and used to tell a friend who is now deeply into dementia, that I didn’t see how any of us grew up to be rational beings, after the childhoods/home situations/experiences that we encountered as children!
    I still have that feeling.
    Those ‘experiences’ of childhood ARE so much apart of us and yes, it is a lightening experiece to face them.


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