Does your voice come from your belly?

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Many years ago at Nine Gates one of the teachers quoted, “Never trust a man who doesn’t laugh from his belly. (Long since forgot which teacher and source of quote). Even though, in hindsight, my understanding was limited, I was so struck by that statement that I’ve pulled it out and examined it periodically over the years; I’m sure in 20 more years I’ll have further insights, but I’ve gotten to know more about what it means in this 20 years.

As I studied the chakras and the different vibrations and meanings I began noticing that a lot of American voices resonate only from the throat up. I also came to understand that happens when there are blocks at or between the throat and the belly—the area where many emotional issues are held.

The deeper the voice reaches the more tones I hear within it. Gay Luce of Nine Gates talks about us as flutes with many notes. Most of the time we’re stuck on just a couple of notes. When all the chakras are open and in balance we can play all the notes by choosing which chakra energy to access at different times; my impression is that we also sound many more notes when we speak. The more I listen the more I hear a lot of people who sound like they’re practicing for tryouts for Alvin and the Chipmunks; their voices are all in their heads.

People who have cleared a lot of issues and/or who meditate a lot have voices that resonate more of the tones from the lower chakras. Pay attention to the voices of people who’ve just come back from day- or weekend- or week-long meditation retreats. The easy piece is hearing the relaxation, but listen more closely and hear how the sound has more notes and a deeper pitch. They speak and laugh from the belly, at least for a while.

The part about not trusting those who laugh without any sound from the belly reflects the volatile nature of those who haven’t cleared all those blocks in the lower four chakras. One of my shamanic teachers talked about the importance of being attuned to the people and things around you. I find it useful to listen to what people’s voices tell me about balance and openness. When they speak from their heads only, it’s easier for me to be aware that the issues will show up and to have my heart open to that.

For myself I find it helpful to try to feel how deeply my voice is resonating from my lower chakras. Can I laugh from my belly or do I still have some shadow dancing to do? I want to sound all my notes.

3 thoughts on “Does your voice come from your belly?

  1. Reading your blog is chillingly eerie to me ~ it’s just fascinating…I’m 31 still workink on some BS degree, yada yada. I will be taking Reiki classes soon 🙂 I Enjoy your writing~

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