More fruits and veggies

I have a theory about eating lots of fruits and veggies and I have no study to point to to back me up, just so you know. (I get tired of alternative med people who make claims with no back up.) My experience is that when I eat enough fruits and veggies my cravings for junk food go down and I’m also full more of the time so I snack less.*

I think sometimes constant cravings or constant hunger arise because our bodies haven’t received what they need in vitamins and minerals. I know that there are often also emotional components when people have big problems about food, but sometimes I think a lot of trouble arises from bad eating habits and a body that keeps trying to let you know it has unfulfilled needs.  I also find that by concentrating on what I “should” eat instead of chastising myself about what I shouldn’t be having, I sidestep feelings of being deprived.  I don’t specifically restrict myself from eating a cookie or popcorn if I want it, I just don’t want as much or as often because I’m full and satisfied from all those servings of fruit and vegetables.

Since my thyroid is still being squeezed out of commission by muscles that are hard to release, I can’t say I have evidence about weight loss — with no metabolism I can go on a water fast and gain weight in spite of a pretty good exercises schedule — but my theory would be that a person with normal metabolism who switched from junk food to a healthy diet that included lots of servings of fruit and veggies would lose weight.  I can attest to feeling better and having far less craving for junk-y snacks..

*Any of you who have ever been a vegetarian know that this doesn’t hold true if you’re only eating fruits and vegetables.. What I’m saying is that when all those servings of fruits and veggies are added to my regular meal habit (and my smoothies have actually become “supper”) I’m both much more full and my body feels much more satisfied.

2 thoughts on “More fruits and veggies

  1. I drink a product called “Greens First” every morning. I works for me. It is available on at a very reasonable price.

    • Looks interesting. A couple of posts back I gave my recipes for smoothies that provide lots of fruit and veggies. For me they’ve been part of trying to make sure I’m getting actual fruits and veggies but the Greens First looks like a nice way to add even more. Thanks for the suggestion.

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