Remembering the One

I’ve been reading blogs lately, checking out what other people are writing on spiritual topics. Landed on a Buddhist blog the other day wherein the writer was ruminating on a quote from a rinpoche that said if you’d been greedy or desiring wealth you’d come back in your next life in a worse position than this one — pretty much the Buddhist version of Hell. I was stunned as I’d never seen a Buddhist condemning those who didn’t think “right” to hell. I don’t really get the thinking in any case where one religious group points fingers and consigns everyone not following their rules to hell but somehow it shocked me more from a Buddhist.

I sat around being bothered for a while and then realized I’d fallen into the trap of believing the illusion that there is a “them” who condemns people and that they are somehow separate from or different than me.   Seems one of my toughest lessons to constantly remind myself that every time I react against a group or person I am contributing to divisiveness.  Have to remember we’re all one, have to remember we’re all one, have to remember we’re all one.

One thought on “Remembering the One

  1. Wow, that is a shocking statement. I studied Buddhism quite a bit myself and I’ve never heard that one before… I’m so self-conscious of desiring wealth thoughts now, hahaha.

    I like how you kept reminding yourself “have to remember we’re all one” at the end. 🙂

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