Unexpected turns in the road

As I mentioned in the last post, for a long time I thought that my path was to be a writer.  I’d drifted away from a youthful passion for writing but began concertedly practicing and getting back my writing chops.  I wasn’t making money at it though so I kept finding my way to new career possibilities and all of that had the shadow of my health issues looming over and limiting my capacities.

I kept being sent jobs that seemed like a pointless collection of odd jobs, from freelance editing to office assistant to managing the office of a church to teaching yoga, but every one brought me friends or skills that have been slowly preparing me for life beyond illness.  I made some great friends while editing who have been important in my writing path and an assistant job at the Institute of Noetic Sciences opened some new doors of spiritual thinking.  The church job evolved into a place where I stepped forward into a leadership role for the first time ever and suddenly began speaking in public with ease after a lifetime of dropping every class that required any kind of presentation or participation and avoiding all public speaking.  All of that,, I think, helped to prepare me for a different kind of life than I had led before.

The most recent turn has evolved from life and the pursuit of health.  Having practiced Robert Masters’ Psychophysical Method off and on for years, I started modifying it into routines for myself as an adjunct to body work.  Masters’ work involves spending 45 minutes per body part and I always found that cumbersome.  I also found that releasing only one specific area at a time offered only brief relief because it left too much of the body untouched.  My practice picked some of the most powerful triggers of release from a big array of body areas and combined them into sets that covered at least three areas at a time and finished with yoga postures that deepened the release.  Before long my massage therapist started finding that I often came back after two weeks with more released than when I left him after the last appointment (it’s much more common to come back having stiffened up and lost some of the opening).

Soon I started noticing with my yoga students that many were so stiff that they couldn’t really get into the yoga postures far enough to engage the muscles they were trying to stretch.  I asked whether I could work with them with the Triggers. Suddenly their bodies started opening and changing .  Now my massage therapist, Kreig Cremeans, who has created an amazing new massage technique called Body Patternin,g has taken my classes under the umbrella of his NCBTMB certification and I’m going to teach classes for CE hours at massage schools.  When I mentioned to a friend that I wasn’t sure how long term this might be as I’d never seen myself as a movement teacher she said, “I don’t think you have any idea how far this may go.

She’s right, of course, and her insight helped me to remember I want to be open to where the Universe takes me.  So I’m letting go of my old vision of who I was to be and opening to the possibility that a new and unforeseen road is opening.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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