The weight of words

We put a lot of importance on words and their power in our society.  I’m a writer, so up to a point I agree.  But lately when somebody goes on and on about the power of some word I think, “Hey, it’s just a word.”  A great phrase can move millions to act, a great idea expressed with the right words can lead to great change; so yes, I know that words can have power.  But sometimes I think people (including me) can get too hung up on particular words.

I think the import we give to words reflects our overly mental culture.  We place a premium on reasoning and evidence and it’s usually through language that we deduce or present proof.  We’ve largely lost touch with our intuitive selves, the aspect of us that understands without words.  All that mental activity keeps us in our heads, making it much more difficult to act from our hearts or to allow our spiritual selves to guide us.

The more I move into a more expanded space, the more I get the feeling “Too many words,”  which is a strange feeling for a writer.  I worry sometimes that my writing just adds too many more words.  I finally understand the notion many native traditions have, that words are heavy, weighing us down.  It’s in the silence that we soar.

3 thoughts on “The weight of words

  1. There is a depth of soul and wisdom in your blog that seems to have emerged from your time spent in illness. Like you, I see writing and changing our thoughts as only aspect of changing our energy. Your posts remind me that it’s time to get back to my yoga, which I have let slip in the past few years.

    You’re right, we are too mental in our society, and changing our words and thoughts alone aren’t enough. Thank you for your insights.

    Warm regards,


    • Thank you. I’m glad I found your blog too — interesting where the path of illness takes you, huh?. I used to be a Chicagoan, BTW, so it’s even fun to see your posts about events there. I’m excited about coming to town next week for the Amazingrace reunion! I so appreciate your kind comments. Namaste, Leigh

  2. All words and descriptions, whether they are thoughts or vocalized into sounds, actually restrict our perceptions of reality. And yes our thinking too is just visualizing words. Words do shed some light on a matter … but reliance on words or a combination of words alone will actually limit our comprehension.

    To help you attain comprehension of your world, your “I-ness” attaches words as a description and explanation to help identify things. Soon however we begin believing our words and thoughts are truth, sadly we can limit our I-ness to these conclusions. We’re often quick to reject other peoples words and descriptions that contradict our own, this hinders deeper comprehension. But even as we grow to be open to all explanations we are still limited if we rely on words and thinking (word thoughts) alone. Relying strictly on words and human intellect as “the truth” we actually cover up the deepest of connections and understanding, the spiritual.

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