Matching vibration

There’s a lot of talk about attracting what you want and the need to have your vibration match your desire.  Basically they’re talking about the degree to which the pattern and vibratory level of your energy (which is what you are, energy) determines your experience or what appears in your life.  If you want to change what you’re drawing into your world, you have to change your energy.

In New Age and New Thought this conversation centers around changing your thoughts because thought creates reality.  But I think actually your energy creates reality.  Thoughts have energy, so changing your thinking is one way to effect change but your whole being is energy, which means anything you do that changes your energy changes what you attract.

In this arena I think the ancients who created so many powerful practices — from chants to chi gung to yoga to pranayama, etc. — that balance and build and raise energy surpass a lot of modern thought and practice.  When you talk about changing neurological patterns, you’re talking about changing energy.  When you talk about achieving greater health you’re talking about changing energy.  When you talk about releasing old emotions you’re talking about changing energy.

Sometimes you have a block in the way of whatever new thoughts you’re trying to instill in your mind and just repeating affirmations doesn’t change it.  Energy practices can help shift your energy so that the block is reduced or removed.  I’ve been working a lot the last few years on the notion that I can change my life by changing my energy and so far it has been working really well for me.

The Key Breaths are so powerful — like the proverbial clogged hose cleared by water pressure, I can feel the energy pushing against the remaining knots in my muscles.  The knots squeeze the nadis and prevent energy from flowing and the pressure from the energy has been slowly opening many nooks and crannies.  Flying Crane Chi Gung always feels like it smooths my energy at the same time it is subtly building chi (on seeing a long time friend in California last spring she said, “You have more chi than I have ever known you to have”).  The Five Tibetan Rites create a great sense of balance.  A yoga practice that addresses all the chakras leaves me both balanced and quietly energized.   When I do the lovingkindness chant my heart feels filled with vibrant light.   All of them enhance a sense of flow.

I know they’ve all been working along with the bodywork and the triggers of release series I created (based on Robert Masters’ Psychophysical Method) to create the constant opening of all the deep level muscles.  As the muscles open my attitude changes and my thinking patterns change.  Change the energy, change your vibration.

4 thoughts on “Matching vibration

  1. Great post! I think it’s great for people who ascribe to New Age beliefs and those from other traditions to all contribute to our mutual understanding of life. 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, I basically pick and choose between the two (New Age and Ancient) and among several traditions for what I practice and believe, as do most of my spiritually seeking friends. What a great time to live, when we have access to so much!

    • They’re great aren’t they? I give myself permission to do only 7 of each instead of 21 if I’m balking and that helps me practice more often… It’s amazing how much 7 can balance you.

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