The energy of it all

“Everything is energy.”  I ran into that concept very quickly when I entered the world of metaphysics.  I accepted it as true from the get go;  I’ve been slowly learning what it means in the 25 years since.  I don’t mean in the sense of science — you can watch What the Bleep (if you’re like me about science, a dozen or more times) if you want that explanation of energy.  I mean in terms of grasping what it means for us if we realize that everything — including us — is energy.

In terms of my connection to the world, I see the “all” of the energy as the great web in which we are all one.  That the physical me extends out into the universe and interconnects with all life everywhere via energy.  That no physical object is what it appears to be.   In other words, the world as I know it is an illusion.  Again, I can say those words and believe them but the more I explore, the more deeply I understand those words and yet I still feel there is much that eludes me.

In terms of self concept, it means trying to grasp that my body isn’t the real me.  As far as the energy is concerned there is no beginning and no end that defines “me” and “you” as separate.  Our conviction that we are separate beings is an illusion.  Every time I point my finger at someone else I am pointing at me.    Every thing that I do in terms of “my energy” is a contribution to either raising or lowering the energy of the web.

I think for the rest of my life as I contemplate the energy of it all I will always have more to learn about what that all really means.


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