Practitioners’ diets

Because of the mind/body/spirit connection, most people who wander down a modern spiritual path seem to wind up with an alternative health practitioner or two in their lives whether it’s acupuncture, naturopathy, massage or any of a multitude of others.  And once you start going to a practitioner you will often find that that person has some very strong views about diet and health.

Usually whichever one they’re touting is one that worked for them and thereafter they offer it up as the one true and perfect diet for all.  Harking back to the rules of food I put up several posts ago, number 2:  there is no theory that applies to everyone.  That’s a hard one if you, like many of us in this country, are inclined to believe that if your “doctor” said it, it must be true.

I’ve had to learn the hard way that some suggestions from practitioners are helpful and many suggestions stem from their tunnel vision about whatever diet they prefer.  As I mentioned in rule number 1, there are thousands of theories about food, many of them contradictory and (rule number 4), you really do have to work out what’s best for you.

The last practitioner I saw was really good.  Her diagnosis matched others’ but her prescriptions for how to deal with it were very different.  The last time I saw her she started pushing the vegan diet on me.   I tried to tell her that any form of vegetarian diet sends my health crashing downhill faster than a slicked up sled on a steep mountainside but it became clear that her conviction that everyone should eat a vegan diet was so strong that she could not hear me.  And that we were going to argue about it every time I saw her.  So I took her advice about everything new and useful and never went back.

I’ve improved greatly because of the supplement changes she suggested and I’m very grateful, but I’m no longer willing to deal with a practitioner who can’t handle what I already know to be true about me.  It took me a long time to know my body that well and to have that degree of confidence in what I know.  I think ultimately you have to find that knowledge and confidence if you want to navigate the world of alternative medicine to your best advantage.

2 thoughts on “Practitioners’ diets

  1. Thank you for this post. 🙂 I believe you are correct, everyone is different, and should take the time to figure out what is best for them.

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