The laws of spirit and food

One of the main spiritual laws I believe is that the things we believe (both consciously and subconsciously) create the world we experience.  Most of my spiritually inclined friends believe some version of that, so I’m often taken aback to hear people talking about food as if it is ruled by laws that are outside the purview of beliefs creating what is.

Lots of people start exploring healthy eating and come up with some theory that involves a list of good foods and a list of bad foods and from then on their conversation about food is filled with phrases like “that’s so sinful”, “that was so bad to eat that,” “I only like to eat healthy food”, etc.  They give long lectures on the horrible things that can happen from eating the wrong thing, drinking the wrong kind of water, cooking your food, not cooking your food…  In other words they can’t make a decision about food being good for them and just believe that it will be so, but food has some sort of power that puts it beyond their thoughts affecting it.

I like the observation in The Seth Material  that an obsession about the healthiness of food (or lack thereof) usually means the core belief you live by is that food is tricky and it’s likely something will harm you.  Then even with hypervigilance about what you eat your belief makes it easier for something you haven’t noticed to cause a problem.

Personally, I like the idea of assuming that what I eat is good for me.  However, I am aware that I, like most Americans, have a fairly tortured relationship with food and deeply held beliefs about goodness and badness.  So I try to figure out a “healthy” diet that makes sense and not to worry about eating some things that aren’t on the diet because I believe that generally what I eat is good for me.

It’s tricky in this country with our crazy habits of eating junk food in giant quantities as if nothing could  harm us while simultaneously believing that all kinds of foods are bad.  While I believe that theoretically you could go on a hot fudge sundae diet and be perfectly healthy if you believed in it, most of us have beliefs about food that are far too confused for that.  It’s a balancing act to work on positive views about eating while keeping your diet within a range you truly believe is healthy.

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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