The great web

My mother and I spent last weekend meeting a lot of cousins we never knew and seeing historic sites related to our family.  Along with these cousins I got access to a 1,000 some page genealogy and then, as if a channel had opened, online I found posts that provided a great deal of history for two more branches of family.  I’ve been overwhelmed at realizing the thousands of people in the present time who are part of those lines and to imagine the web includes us.

The idea of the web of all life is one that has fascinated me on the spiritual journey from the beginning.  My understanding of it has been evolving over time and I don’t pretend to have reached a definitive answer.  Slowly I’ve seen that the “All That Is” that is the totality of all energy is what the web is.  That we are all energy whose bounds do not end at our skin but extend so that we are all connected.

Though Chief Seattle’s famous words ( — this is one version; there are several) have been embraced by environmentalists as referring to our interdependence in environmental terms, I think it refers to the web of all our interconnected energies.

When I look at my growing family tree I see the overwhelming degree to which we connect through history by blood with people by the thousands.  I see multiple names and people of many faiths and political opinions and we are all united by blood.  When I think of the web of all life, I see the nadis, or energy channels, within us flowing through us and out into the world and universe, connecting all life as blood connects human families on earth.  I see both webs as delicate living things.  I feel how much I need to clear anger and fill with love and compassion in order to take care of the delicate webs to which I belong.

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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