A driving test???

I’m kind of snarky behind the wheel.  Not so much in terms of driving mean but in what goes on in my head, what I often mutter, sometimes shout, while waving my hands. Since moving to the Bluegrass, where people are mysteriously reluctant to start driving after a red light changes, my frequent favorite is, “Hey what color means go on your planet?”  I’ve discovered that it’s a good test of my progress in releasing all anger to pay attention to how angry I become and how often when I’m driving.

Your place to vent might be something different like when  you think you’re not being heard or when you hear a political opinion you don’t like but most of us have some place or circumstance where we let some of the anger out.   It’s worth checking out what your trigger is or when you most often blow and then to keep an eye on yourself if you want to move toward peace and compassion.

The anger, of course, is rarely actually about the driving or the not listening or the politics or whatever.  Since getting to the peace is important to me, I track that anger and work to figure out what issue I haven’t seen yet and to release it.  I’m grateful that I’ve realized how much driving shows me about how I’m doing at getting free of the angry places.

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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