Where’s the joy?

Several of the Abraham Hicks daily messages lately have talked about achieving joy through joy.  In other words, if like attracts like then you need to find joy in your life  in order to get to joy.  Although I understand the principle, it’s the kind of advice that sometimes makes me want to scream.

For instance, I’ve been talking with a few friends who, like me, have had health problems.  And we’re asking ourselves, how, when your head is splitting or you’re so tired you’re shaking or your hip is so painful you can hardly walk or sit, do you hold the space of joy?  An instruction or two with the pithy suggestion to be joyful in order to attract joy would be helpful.

I’ve been working on it a lot in the last couple of years from the perspective that everything is energy and thus joy or happiness or success has a vibration.  To attract the thing you want you have to get your energy vibration to match.  The easiest way might be to hold the emotion or feeling tone of the thing you want.  But I think raising your energy vibration through spiritual practice and clearing blocks to the movement of energy (which also raises your vibration) can help you to lift your energy level to one that matches the things you desire.

I’ve also been thinking about Ellen Margron’s Emotional Mastery work and realizing that I’ve applied her teaching about being able to shift your emotional state at will to purely emotional or feeling states but that I’ve not tried it on physical states.  Most of the circumstances I’m experiencing have to do with pain and pain is also an emotion so I think I can shift the misery by focusing on shifting to a different emotional state.

In a way it’s like some of the Zen and Tibetan meditation techniques that involve sitting in a painful position until you can transcend the pain.  Only without the uncomfortable sitting for three hours.  No data on how well that will work. I’ll let you know!

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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