It’s written in the body

I had a great appointment a couple of days ago with Hanna, a terrific practitioner of the amazing body work my friend Kreig invented, called “Body Patterning”.  She also does Akashic Records reading and has the records open as she works.  So this time as she worked into the long crisscrossed patterns of holding in my hip area she started talking about the deeply held issue that was in there.

In this case it started in the womb when I apparently twisted my left leg to match the twist my mother had since being hit by a car as a child.  And that led to Hanna seeing how there were issues  held in that area that also led back to more than one past life experience with my mother.  As soon as she started talking I started going inward and trying to follow along, to take myself back, asking questions about the origins, sending thoughts of release, etc.

The whole process of unwinding this formerly completely wound up body* has included a series of those moments when something in my body connects to something traumatic  that happened and wrote its story into a muscle.  For me it was written painstakingly into knots in every muscle — not that every knot corresponded to an issue.   When you’re born with a twisted leg that isn’t straightened until you’re 35 you collect knots in your muscles with just about every step, so I know that some knots are just knots.

For some people the story that gets written has to do with kidney disease or cancer.  Often the body part affected or the type of illness gives a clue as to the sort of issue for which to look.  One way or another, though, your story will be written in your body.  The way it’s written on faces is such a story that that will be another post at some time.

I’ve found that the pain and fatigue and misery also carried the seeds for my release and transformation, so I’ve learned to be grateful that my body has a story to tell.  Because every time I understand the origin or cry the locked up tears or feel a burden release, I’m free of the issue that has held me.  Thank you God.

* When I started getting bodywork my first massage therapist thought of me as one of the three worst cases she had ever seen; every single muscle in my body was twisted and hardened into steel, muscles glued together, muscle groups glued to bone…  It’s been a long, long journey to get all that nearly sorted out.

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