The relaxation effect

Recently someone asked me if I knew about Rescue Remedy, suggesting that I keep some around.  I used to keep it and use it but I haven’t in years.  And I realized how calm I am in comparison to the anxiety-ridden person I used to be.  I can’t think of what would make me need the Remedy.  Not that I’m not ever a little anxious about something but it’s so mild compared to the overwhelming neurotic worry that used to be my world that usually a little deep breathing or a few minutes of yoga accomplishes all I need.

It’s one of the greatest benefits of spiritual practice; you sort of quietly achieve a state of greater equilibrium.  I haven’t had a daily meditation practice for some years, but my yoga practice is faithful and for several years I’ve also been faithful about the Five Tibetan Rites and the Eight Key Breaths and Flying Crane Chi Gung.  All of those things smooth my energy and bring me into balance in various ways.  My reasons for doing them were mainly to be balanced and for building chi and raising my vibration.   But a deep-seated calm that leaves me in a state of relaxation has been another benefit.

Emotional Mastery, a course/concept created by the late Ellen Margron, also helped as I learned how to shift from one emotional state to another at will.  Once you realize you can, you also realize that emotional states are a choice.  That’s helped a lot toward creating this greater sense of calm.

I’m far from achieving some state of true inner peace, but practices and emotional mastery have helped me leave the anxious neurotic state behind and to become a person who lives in much greater serenity.


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