Preventive Mindfulness?

Spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks lying around with the flu and the weak aftermath.  You’d think with all that down time I’d have had some profound thoughts to write, but when I had the energy to think at all it was more like, “Not another sneeze, my nose hurts,” or “boy, I’m so shaky…”  Now with a little more pep I’m thinking about how much more I’ve been sick with colds and flus in the last year than I’d been in a long time.

Pretty good eating, lots of water, 15 years of nasal cup use, some great Chinese herbs for colds and Airborne have helped me prevent that kind of stuff.  (Colds and flus are one of the “fruits” of chronic fatigue so I worked hard to get rid of that problem).  Suddenly I focused on all the huge muscle releases that have been happening during this last year and I thought, “kundalini flu”.

My California pals used to talk about it when I was out there dealing with kundalini and lots of flu.  The idea is that as kundalini burns through issues and opens things up in your body toxins that have been stuck in your tissues are dumped into your bloodstream and your body becomes overwhelmed.  Really, though, any time anything is opening up muscles that have been twisted or knotted, toxins are being released.

I always make sure to drink water when I’ve had a massage, but even knowing all these things I wasn’t mindful enough to take extra preventive measures during this time of many releases.  I keep reaching the understanding that practicing mindfulness is the key element of all spiritual progress.  Then I forget to be mindful.  Again.  Hardest thing about being mindful is remembering to be it.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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