Best friends

I’ve always been blessed to have a lot of good friends but I don’t know if I’ve had a best friend.  I can remember as a child there were a bunch of us in the neighborhood who ran around together and played every kind of game.  And I remember being uncomfortable occasionally when somebody wanted a declaration of who was the best friend.  I liked them all and I didn’t want to make somebody feel bad about being less than best.

Over the years there have been spans of time when I spent more time with one friend than with others, but I still had other great friends and no sense of one being “best”.  I’m always reading books and seeing movies involving “BFFs” who are in and out of one another’s houses, constant companions, etc. and it always seems so warm and fuzzy, it makes me long for a friend like that.

Most everyone I’ve ever known has a group of close friends and people who drift in and out and generally when I hear a tale about real life best friends it seems to end with one of them stealing the other’s boyfriend or something worse.  So I wonder whether novelists and screenwriters have dreamed up the friendship equivalent to the Hollywood romance; i.e., an idealized relationship that doesn’t really exist.  Or do I need to get a BFF?


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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